Your Uni Majors as Drinks (Part 1)

Your Uni Majors as Drinks (Part 1)

Uni Majors as Drinks

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Going to university is strange. You’re preparing for the workforce and standing at the very cusp of adulthood while desperately clinging on to the final vestiges of youthful spontaneity. Before you’re plunged into the perils of adulthood, you partake in crazy fun activities while you still can. This includes sports camps, road trips, LAN shop outings and of course, drinking. Lots of drinking.

We’ve compiled a list of alcoholic beverages that totally represent your course… unless you think completely off the mark. If our university days have taught us anything, it’s that a diversity of opinions is essential to any functioning populace, and we’ll drink to that sentiment. Have you been sipping from the beverages listed below?

This article is the first part of a two-part series of your uni majors as drinks!



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First up on the list of your uni majors as drinks are the Arts kids. Bursting at the seams with abstract ideas and pure talent, art students are free spirits known for their boundless energy. Arts kids are vodka– known for their intensity and force of personality. Like vodka, not everyone can handle them but if you manage to survive the whirlwind that is vodka, you’ll be rewarded with the most intoxicating and exhilarating of experiences.




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No one knows how to party better than a savvy businessman or woman, not only because they’re social butterflies but because they know the value of making connections. Even when toasting their colleagues with whiskey after a hard day interning or school (ugh, so much class participation), business students know how to maintain their poise and friendliness while having fun.




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No matter the field, science students are all caught up with utilizing the latest technologies to glean deeper insights into their studies. They’re explorers of the unknown, looking for undiscovered realms with the newest fanciest toys yet they revere that sacred heritage of the past. A base wine aged in barrels after distillation like the old days has a certain appeal to them, and it doesn’t hurt that the classic brandy tastes mighty fine after a hard day in the lab, either.




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As the men and women behind our future legislative and judicial structures, law students don’t have a lot of time to drink but when they do it’s at a gathering of their peers with an exquisite bottle of the most matured, refined form of alcohol there is; wine. Of course, like law students this maturity of character is obscured by the youthful veneer of plastic cups that are sipped from while they vent about their insane workload.


Design and Environment


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You’re a futurist, thinking of ways to save the world and improve it. You’re buoyed by grand ambitions and grounded by a rugged tenacity to see your dreams through. You’re that perfect contradiction between lofty flavour centred with a stout core. You’re a daiquiri.

Check out your star signs as drinks here and stay tuned for part two of your uni majors as drinks!

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