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Your Uni Major as Drinks (Part 2)

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Going to university is strange. You’re preparing for the workforce and standing at the very cusp of adulthood while desperately clinging on to the final vestiges of youthful spontaneity. Before you’re plunged into the perils of adulthood, you partake in crazy fun activities while you still can. This includes sports camps, road trips, LAN shop outings and of course, drinking. Lots of drinking.

We’ve compiled a list of alcoholic beverages that totally represent your uni majors… unless you think completely off the mark. If our university days have taught us anything, it’s that a diversity of opinions is essential to any functioning populace, and we’ll drink to that sentiment. Have you been sipping from the beverages listed below?

This is the second part of a two-part series of your uni major as drinks!

Social Sciences


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There’s something about tequila that brings out both your passionate and compassionate sides while allowing you to display emotional honesty. Oddly, a similar effect can be produced when hanging out with social science majors. If you hang out with them too much, however, you’re bound to go wild for at least one night.




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Damn it, Jim, you’re a doctor (to be), not an alcoholic. You should know all about the benefits and downsides of consuming various forms of liquor, but you just can’t stay away from a stoic kind of liquor, the hardest but most robust of them all – a good scotch. Filled with congeners, yes, but you like the strong character and you drink it on the rocks without mixers so in your own medical opinion you should be a-okay.




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There’s something about crunching numbers all day that would make ordinary folks’ head spin, but accountants have a fierce spirit and an internal agility that’s all wrapped up in a bright, fastidious appearance. If that description reminds you of a drink, well, it’s no wonder so many accountants have a margarita at the end of an exhausting work day.




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Dependable, unpretentious and absolutely essential for everyone, no matter your class or social strata. They’ll always be there for you, and there nothing can replace them in the eyes and hearts of the people. Am I talking about engineers or beer? You decide.




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The last but not least in our series on uni majors as drinks – Computing! The answer to the classic “shaken vs stirred” debate is obvious to you after five minutes on the internet. You pride yourself on your ability to process information logically and process data with stunning intelligence, but you’re also humble and generous. There’s nothing that quite couples this intellect with classiness like the ubiquitous martini – shaken, not stirred, of course. It’s more efficient that way.

Thats the end of our two-part series on your uni majors as drinks, do check out part one here if you have not!