Why You Should Go To a Sports Bar

Why You Should Go To a Sports Bar

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Live streaming a football match on your phone is fine. Seeing it on television at home is dandy. Watching it at a hawker centre is certainly enjoyable. But there’s nothing – and I repeat, nothing – that compares to the absolutely electric atmosphere in a sports bar, created when experiencing a match on a giant screen with 40 other people chanting with excitement, shouting with elation or groaning in dismay. Plus: there’ll be beer. Lots of beer.

You can find that kind of crowd in one place and place only – a sports bar. Let’s break down why should visit one with your bros (of all genders).

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The Drinks

Among its many magical properties, alcohol primarily functions as an amplifier of emotion. If you’re happy, a few shots of vodka will turn you into the jolliest person this side of Santa Claus. If you’re excited, a couple of pints of Guinness will send you through the roof. And if you’re under the influence of alcohol when your team scores a goal, pure joy will course through your body like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Trust us, the feeling is this amazing every time.

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The Discussions

Whether you’re an avid follower of the game or a casual viewer, half of the joy of watching a sport is discussing it with like-minded peers. In a sports bar, that basically includes everyone present. Listen in to passionate diatribes about the best and worst players of each team, which player wasn’t worth his fee and who racked up the best statistics this season and chime in if you feel that burning urge to support your favourite player or express your immense dismay at someone’s performance. Just remember to keep everything cordial enough so you’re all having a good time. Sports are meant to bring people, after all. Which brings us to…


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The Camaraderie

It’s like going to a concert or attending the theatre – there’s nothing quite like a group of people gathering to share each other’s company while enjoying something they all love. Even if you’re the most awkward person in the world, you’ll definitely be able to at least a spirited conversation with the sports fan next to you. In fact, you don’t even have to talk to the crowd around you to soak in the pure exhilaration emanating from them every time a goal is scored or a trick shot is executed. It’s a fantastic sensation that can’t be replicated with four guys on a couch watching a game on the telly.


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The After Party

After all the cheering and crying, booing and boozing, by the time the match is over you and your mates will be primed and ready to either revel in the victories of your team or dance your woes away. Take a cab to the nearest club to party for the rest of the night, or find a nice 24-hour establishment to hang out with friends (including the ones you just made!)

That’s the magic of walking into sports bars – you’ll never walk out alone.


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