Why You Should Club in Singapore

Why You Should Club in Singapore

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Whether you’re a college student trying to get away from academic pressure, a full-time national serviceman looking to live life to the fullest during your book out or a working professional who wants to unwind after a taxing day at the office, nightclubs are the perfect refuge for you. Every now and then we need a break from the mundane yet taxing everyday responsibilities, and what better way is there to liberate yourself from the grind than by plunging into a room full of people immersing themselves in music and dance, swaying away to the beat and leaving all their worldly concerns behind?

Clubs offer a much-needed respite from our daytime troubles by providing us with an atmosphere that can hardly be replicated in any other venue. A potent mix of insobriety, dynamic lighting and pulse-pounding beats, clubbing can almost be described as a transcendental experience for those seeking to escape the realities of life for a night. Here is why you should club in Singapore.

Reasons Why You Should Club in Singapore

You’ll De-Stress


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Singapore is a stressful place to study and work in. Due to our rigorous academic system and our cultural emphasis on excellence in all aspects of one’s life, trying to live up to your own expectations about how well you should be doing in school or at your job can be an uphill battle. Left unchecked without a means of release, that much stress and anxiety can’t be good for your mental and physical health. You need a way to blow off steam, and clubbing is a fantastic option available for you. There’s nothing like a couple of drinks and awesome music you can dance to that’ll drain your body of its pent-up frustrations and help you ease into a more relaxed, jovial state. You’ll feel much better after dancing off all the pressure that had been building up in you.


You’ll Build Crazy Memories


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As a wise man once put it, when you’re looking back at your glory days, nobody remembers that time where they stayed home to watch some television or study for a test. When you’re trying to recall your greatest hits, what comes to mind is that time your friend got drunk and climbed onto a dance platform, or that time you and a complete stranger started doing the chicken dance with each other at a club. Clubs are the best places to create crazy memories – so long as you don’t get too crazy.


You’ll Forge Friendships

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You never really know someone until they’re drunk. The Romans said that in vino veritas – in wine, truth. You’ll never feel closer to your pals when you’re sitting around absolutely drunk, laughing at each other’s jokes or sharing stories and thoughts which you would never have brought up if you were sober. Furthermore, it’s ridiculously easy to talk to complete strangers when you’re drunk so many a friend has been made on the club floor.


You’ll Have a Great Story the Morning After

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Sometimes clubbing outings don’t go the way you wanted – sometimes your friends end up throwing up in the club and bounced out, sometimes you end up passed out on the sidewalk. Or perhaps your night went swimmingly and you created some truly awesome moments. Either way, crazy nights out make for tales of triumph and tragedy that you can regale your friends with the next day. Even if you’ve had the worst night ever, at least you’ve got something to tell your buddies over brunch the next morning.


You’ll Experience Something Truly Magical


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Clubbing is just about the highest high you can attain. Not by means of illicit substances, but through the 100% legal method of combining insobriety, disco lights in a dark room and a hundred people grooving along to the most inexplicably infectious beat ever. Trust us, if you’ve never been to a massive dance party or a rave there’s no real way for us to describe to you just why you should club because of how unabashedly awesome it feels to cut loose and dance your heart out without fear of judgement alongside your friends and a roomful of friends-to-be. We can’t quite do justice to this sensation through textual description, so you’ll have to come on down and find out why you should club in the Best Clubs in Singapore.

As always, we always encourage to know your limits when it comes to drinking and clubbing, have fun and stay safe!

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