Here's Why You Should Visit a Speakeasy

Here’s Why You Should Visit a Speakeasy

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Speakeasy? “What’s that?” Some of you might have this question in your heads as you open this article. Inspired by the 20th century Prohibition, an era in which alcohol was banned in the United States, speakeasy bars are hidden away or disguised behind an innocuous façade, often with nothing but a lone sign or a set of odd symbols to indicate that behind that empty shophouse is a bustling bar, fully stocked with food, drinks and reclusive patrons. You can’t just stumble upon a speakeasy; you’d walk right by one if you didn’t know what you were looking for. These clandestine establishments are notoriously difficult to locate, but you might just find out how much you enjoy a good speakeasy after a long search. Here are a couple of reasons why you might consider visiting one of these deviously disguised drink purveyors:


  • The Class

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Hidden bars have recently become very much in vogue, and for good reason. Once you’ve gotten past the subtly hidden doors and whispered the secret password, there’s a certain air of illicit exclusivity felt once you set foot in this throwback to a steamier, more dangerous foreign culture. Relying solely on word of mouth to bring in business, speakeasy bars tend to have rather extravagantly priced cocktail menus to cover the operating costs of such a discrete establishment. While the bill might be heftier than that of your average watering hole’s, the unique cocktails, distinctive ambience and inimitable sense of prestige more than make up for it.


  • The Allure

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What could be more alluring than inviting your date to a secret bar, tucked away behind an unassuming front most ordinary people wouldn’t have even thought to question? It makes you seem like you’re a bit of detective, being able to deduce the existence of such an establishment by observing these mundane clues. Or you could say you knew a guy who invited you to an exclusive lounge, placing yourself within the small circle of people possessing such esoteric knowledge about the local nightlife. Either way, you just presented yourself with an air of mystery that will only be accentuated the moment he or she steps into the lushly furnished interior of this seductive speakeasy. Anyone can take their date to a cocktail bar, but only you can lead them here – this little establishment secreted away into an unassuming corner is a sultry little secret between the two of you.


  • The Atmosphere

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Tired of sports bars where everyone’s chanting their favourite team’s name and hurling insults at the screen? Are you weary of crowded pubs where the din of a million different conversation drowns out the words from your own mouth? These aren’t problems that you’re likely to have in a speakeasy, given its intentional obscurity from the world at large. Even when the place is packed with bar-seeking sleuths and regulars, most conversations happen in softer tones but with the ease and warmth created by an implicit sense of connection, almost as if to say that all who managed to find this concealed community have become part of some select club. You can even strike up a conversation with the other patrons to ask how they found the place, if you wish. You’re one of them now.

All in all, while experienced bar finders might laud speakeasies as gems buried beneath all the mainstream riffraff, we here at BOOZEZ enjoy all kinds of bars, including those that choose to advertise themselves. Head on down to our main webpage for more information on the best, closest and most affordable bars.

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