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Why the Martini is Magnificent

martini is magnificent

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A sophisticated drink for the suave gentleman or stylish lady, there’s nothing quite as chic or debonair as sipping a martini while soulfully gazing across a room. There’s something undeniably alluring about this classiest of cocktails, and we’ve got a clue or two as to why.

Here are a couple of reasons why the martini is magnificent and will always be the perfect drink for a real classy cat.

You’ll Have A License to Kill (with Classiness)

A License to Kill

Martinis have never quite fallen out of fashion (thanks, in no smart parts, to a certain brand of fictional British secret agent with a penchant for dubious martini preparation. Like the franchise it’s been so thoroughly associated with, martinis are perceived as a drink for that a classy gent or lady who’s ready for a night of thrills.


You Can Customize

customized martinis

Credits: Pixabay

For a cocktail with a so few ingredients, martinis can be prepared in a truly stunning variety of fashions. Granted, it’ll take a few samples to figure out how you like your martinis prepared, but once you find out how you like your martinis done you’ll never order it anyway else. Which brings us to our next point…


You’ll Sound Really Cool if You Know How to Order One

Ordering a martini isn’t as simple as you’d think. Have you ever heard someone ask for a  “martini, dry, stirred, straight up and as dirty as you can make it”? If you don’t recognize any of those terms, I bet you’d be simultaneously totally confused and utterly impressed. A handy tip for those of us trying to impress our friends by smoothly ordering a martini like a pro is to do some reading before you hit the bar. Feel free to refer to our guide for a few pointers.


They Taste Damn Good

Martini tasting

Taste is a matter of personal preference, as what’s tantalizing to your taste buds is subjective to each individual. An objective fact is that the martini has been around since at least the 1920s, indicating there must be something irresistible about that chilled cocktail if bartenders and patrons have consistently returned to it over the course of the century. A deliciously silky mix of gin and dry vermouth, garnished with olives or a twist of lemon, the martini is a powerhouse of the cocktail scene. Hey, if it works for James Bond, it works for me.

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