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Why is alcohol sold in glass bottles?

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Ever wondered why most alcohols are sold in glass bottles and not plastic bottles? Plastic has changed the way we lived and has made life more convenient (not with consequences of course and we are not promoting the use of plastics) and most drinks nowadays are kept in plastic bottles so why not alcohol?

There are various reasons as to why there is a preference for glass bottles over plastic bottles.

  1. Taste

Alcohols are susceptible to degrading when exposed to light and most plastic bottles are often clear because coloured plastics increase the difficulty of recycling them and hence it is easier to store alcohol into tinted glass bottles so as to extend their shelf life. Additionally, glass is less impermeable to gases and hence alcohols which are carbonated will not go flat as easily when stored in the more porous plastic. Moreover, glass is almost completely taste neutral and this means that it does not interfere with the taste of the alcohol.

  1. Leeching effect

Contrastingly, the chemicals used in plastic bottles could potentially leech into the drink and reach with the alcohol, ruining the alcohol and potentially posing a hazardous risk to consumers. The odds of this happening is also higher when temperatures rise and might affect the transportation of alcohol internationally.

  1. Pasteurisation Process

Pasteurisation is a process whereby products are treated with heat in order to eliminate pathogens and extend shelf-life. Plastic bottles are less likely to be able to withstand the heat and will warp when treated as compared to glass bottles. While more hardy plastics have been developed, they are expensive and manufacturers want to look for cost-efficient alternatives hence glass bottles or aluminium cans are used.

  1. Marketing

Selling alcohol in glass bottles gives it a more sophisticated and elegant feel as compared to selling it in plastic bottles which might give off a “cheap” feel.

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