What Would Your Favourite Avenger Drink at bars in Singapore

What Would Your Favourite Avenger Drink?


Credit: Marvel Studios

A decade ago, Robert Downey Jr. blasted onto our screens as the armoured Avenger Iron Man, and the world of cinema would never be the same. There has been no greater cinematic franchise in recent years than the Marvel’s astonishing Avengers, whose fantastical feats of derring-do have captivated audiences all around the world, propelling beloved but relatively unknown comic book superheroes to the forefront of pop culture. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe will roll on for years, the characters we’ve spent the last decade with have to wrestle with an uncertain future after Marvel’s latest installation, the biggest cinematic crossover event in superhero history – Infinity War.

Raise a toast in celebration of your favourite heroes by ordering a couple of Earth’s Mightiest Beverages at the bar tonight.


Thor – Mead


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This God of Thunder hails from a culture of opulent feasts and giant flagons of ale, so he’s the Avenger most likely to enjoy a nice, strong alcoholic beverage. A fish out of water in the modern world, Thor would probably opt for something that reminds him of old Asgard and his Vikings comrades of old. Verily, a massive cup of Norse mead would be the right drink for the Odinson.


Iron Man – Champagne

Iron Man - Champagne

Credits: GIPHY

Tony Stark makes you feel he’s a cool exec with a heart with a steel, so while he might have given up his military industrialist ways you can be sure that the Armoured Avenger isn’t adverse to a bit of bubbly now and then… or every other day. Iron Man’s greatest enemy might not be Whiplash or the Mandarin, but alcoholism. Get that demon back in the bottle, Tony.


Hulk – Grasshopper Cocktail


Credits: GIPHY

Bruce Banner probably isn’t a huge fan of alcohol, given that when he loses control he becomes a massive green rage monster. But the Hulk would probably love a creamy, minty fresh grasshopper because it’ll freshen him up and calm him down. The Green Goliath probably likes the creamy texture because despite his monstrous appearance and angry disposition, he’s really a big sweetheart on the inside. Deep inside. Plus, the cocktail is the Hulk’s favourite shade of green.


Captain America – Beer

Captain America - Beer

Credits: Tumblr

When the super soldier serum turned scrawny Steve Rogers into the courageous Captain America, it came at a severe cost – the Sentinel of Liberty can never get drunk. Nevertheless, when Cap wants to kick back and relax, we bet he’d stay true to his humble roots and pick an unpretentious bottle of American-brewed beer or two to swig while watching a football game.


Hawkeye – Mind Eraser

Hawkeye-Mind Eraser

Credits: GIPHY

While he might find the name somewhat insensitive considering the events of the first Avengers film, Earth’s Mightiest Marksman would love the Mind Eraser. His sardonic streak would love the novelty of sipping the whole drink through a straw at once. The potent mix of vodka and coffee liqueur makes this shot a sharp shooter for a sharpshooter.


Black Widow – White Russian

Black Widow - White Russian

Credits: GIPHY

This Russian spy-turned-Avenger must have drank quite a few fancy cocktails during her secret agent days. But while she hasn’t lost her edge, we’re guessing spending all that time with heroes fighting for truth, justice and apple pie must’ve left her hankering for a sweeter taste in her mouth. She probably has a White Russian every now and then, celebrating her nation’s drink of choice – vodka – by adding cream and coffee liqueur to it to form a milky concoction perfect for a reformed spook.


Scarlet Witch – Strawberry Daquiri

Scarlet Witch-Strawberry Daquiri

Arguably the most powerful Avenger, Wanda Maximoff’s drink of choice would have to be a classic cocktail that’s deceptively sweet but packs one heck of an alcoholic punch with its hard liquor core. It helps that the strawberry daiquiri comes in a bright ruby red; her favourite colour.


Vision –  Pinot Noir

Vision - Pinot Noir

A synthezoid who’s made of Wakandan material, created by Korean technology and yet speaks with an upper-crust British accent, the Vision can’t help but be the classiest, most refined member of the Avengers roster. He doesn’t require sustenance from food but we suspect his artificial taste buds would enjoy an occasional glass of posh Pinot Noir in the Avengers wine cabinet. Also, we know he has a thing for red.


Quicksilver – Blue Kamikaze

 Quicksilver – Blue Kamikaze

Shots are the fastest way to ingest alcohol and hit that high before a speedster’s accelerated metabolism burns it off, which is why Quicksilver would probably for something fast and strong. Blue’s his favourite colour, so let’s add a bit of blue curacao to his vodka and lime shooters to get a Blue Kamikaze shooter.

On second thought, considering the events of Age of Ultron poor Pietro might not enjoy shooters or the term “kamikaze” that much.

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