Uni Kids: Please DON’T Send These Drunk Texts

Uni Kids: Please DON’T Send These Drunk Texts

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University life is full of freedom. At the top of the list of activities to try out as a result of that freedom is consuming as much booze as your meagre student wallets can afford. But like Icarus, sometimes we fly too close to the sun and get wayyyy more wasted than we intended. Stay safe, and refrain from pulling out your phone to text someone. Drunk texts are the worst, especially if they fall under any of the following categories. Ready to cringe?

All inebriated undergraduates, keep your phones in your pockets and never commit any of these drunk texts mistakes:


Replying Your Professor


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It’s already pretty weird replying to your professor in a formal manner, but attempting to do that drunk is a recipe for disaster. At best, your message will be littered with misspellings and sentences of dubious grammar, which will make you look like an idiot. At worse, it’ll be unintelligible gibberish and that’s just not a good impression to leave on the folks grading your papers.


Giving Advice To Juniors

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Don’t you remember how it was like when you were first starting out? You were lost and adrift, reliant on the kindness of seniors to guide you through the complex and confusing world of university. Now imagine how confused you’d be if you were asking about the bidding system and your senior started rambling in typo-filled text messages. Do your younger friends a favour and tell them you’ll reply them in the morning, eh?


Hitting On Your Hall Mates

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Nothing spreads faster on the old hall/RC grapevine than drunkenly telling an attractive hall mate “we should hang out more haha”. For one, it’s a terrible opening move and it stinks of desperation. Don’t do it, guys and gals. Make wiser choices.


Agree To Hang Out

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Oh, no. You don’t want to get breakfast tomorrow and you don’t want to watch a movie Tuesday night. You’ve got tutorials to complete and tests to study for that you haven’t started on because you were out drinking. Except oops! You already drunkenly agreed to all of that and there’s no way to back out without looking like a flake. Sometimes you think drunk-you just hates sober-you.


Responding In The Group Project Chat


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Okay, if you were meant to be doing your group project, you really shouldn’t have been drinking. That’s not cool, man. But if you do happen to be out partying that night, drunkenly responding in the group chat dedicated to the project while everyone is doing work is a major, MAJOR faux pas. You don’t want to be that dude who isn’t pulling his weight in a group project – it’s the biggest sin one can commit as a uni student and this transgression of sending drunk texts during project time will haunt you in the semesters to come.

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