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Transformers Drinking Game


Love them or hate them, Michael Bay’s Transformers movie franchise has captured the imagination of millions of movie-goers for over a decade now. These Cybertronian warriors have entertained a generation of children and action film fans over the course of five tentpole blockbusters flicks and have gained a massive international following in the process. Why not watch these robots in disguise tear up computer-generated landscapes with a couple of friends over a bottle of liquor?

Have a drink when the following happens on-screen:


Credits: GIPHY

  • Bumblebee appears

Two drinks if he speaks using words stitched together from the radio

  • There’s an American flag somewhere in the shot

Grimlock appears

Credits: GIPHY

  • Grimlock appears

Any movie with a robot dinosaur breathing fire deserves to be celebrated with a drink.

  • “One man! Alone! Betrayed by the country he loves.”


Credits: GIPHY

  • Explosions!

Two drinks if characters are running from it in slo-mo.

  • A 360-degree spinning shot

It’s a signature epic Michael Bay shot so drink to that!

Shia Lebouf stutters

Credits: GIPHY

  • Shia LaBeouf stutters
  • Optimus Prime says something inspiring

We’ll never get tired of giant robots waxing lyrical about the goodness of humanity in Peter Cullen’s baritone voice.

  • Something that’s not a vehicle turns into a transformer

Lens flare

Credits: GIPHY

  • Lens flare!

Yet another Michael Bay hallmark.

Micheal Bay slow mo

Credits: GIPHY

  • Slow-motion!

See above!

  • Someone says a Transformer name

Chevrolet transformer

Credits: GIPHY

  • You see obvious product placement

This awesome action sequence was proudly brought to you by Chevrolet.

  • “Autobots, roll out!”
  • When the Allspark appears

Hope that this Transformers drinking game brings you much joy when drinking with friends and as always, remember to drink responsibly!

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