Top Five European Bars and Pubs in Clarke Quay, Singapore

Top Five European Bars and Pubs in Clarke Quay 2018

McGettigan’s Singapore

Singapore is a multicultural society, built by and sustained through the efforts of the best and brightest from all over the globe. Our forefathers brought a bit of their homelands along with them when they came over, creating a true diversity of bars and pubs from just about every culture. Whether you’re a local hankering for some authentic international cuisine or a European expat looking for a taste of the old country, Clarke Quay has what you’re looking for. We present to you a list of Top Five European Bars and Pubs in Clarke Quay, Singapore.



McGettigan's Singapore

First up on our list of Top Five European Bars and Pubs in Clarke Quay, Singapore. If you’re hankering for a slice of the old Irish country in the middle of the Singapore’s party district. Celebrated for its real-time sports telecasts, live performances and its distinctive European character, McGettigan’s is a family pub which proudly wears its Irish influence like a badge of pride. One of the best bars in Clarke Quay to feast upon European dishes and drinks, this Irish pub serves as a wholesome all-ages restaurant by day and a place to kick back and relax with a couple of your drinking buddies by night.

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The Highlander Bar & Restaurant

The Highlander Bar and Restaurant

Nerves of steel and hot blood runs through the veins of every Scotsman, and every visitor to the Highlander Bar & Restaurant is expected to possess a similar calibre of passionate drinking and feasting. If you’ve ever wanted to partake in a sample of genuine Gaelic gastronomy, stop by this Scotland-inspired restaurant bar located right in the bustling Clarke Quay. Enjoy a menu of sumptuous Scottish food served by kilt-garbed service staff while soaking in live musical performances and a wondrous water display at one of the best Euro-influenced Clarke Quay bars.

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District 10

District 10 Singapore

Party people love this sublime casual chic European bar.  Serving up a smorgasbord of delicious Western delicacies, District 10’s outlet in Clarke Quay is a heaven-send for anyone looking to have a cheeky meal before they hit the clubs. Snack on some good old greasy bar food while lounging at this open air bar to gird your body for a night of hard boozing and awesome partying. Abate your hangover with a steady stream of burgers and chips while expediting your high with an internationally imported selection of liquor.


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Paulaner Singapore

Calling all German gastronomers! Do you need a place to slake your thirst for a pint of pristine Paulaner? Are you hungry for a bite of crispy pork knuckle? Well if you’re wandering the busy streets of Clarke Quay, why not pop by a bustling bar garden named for the brilliant Bavarian beer brewery? Paulaner meets the needs of every German culinary enthusiast with its impeccable menu of authentic Bavarian cuisine. Knuckle down and chow on that pork knuckle at one of the best bar restaurants in Clarke Quay.


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Octapas Singapore

Last but not least on our list of Top Five European Bars and Pubs in Clarke Quay, Singapore! A celebration of Spanish culture and its fantastic fare, Octapas is a buoyant bar furnished with festive festoons to invoke an air of ecstatic, dynamic liveliness representative of scintillating Spain. If you’re hungry for an arrangement of tasty tapas alongside a glass or two of genuine Spanish cocktails, stride off the bridge and stop by this eccentric outlet for a great night of riverside revelry.

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