Top 5 Hangover Cures

Top 5 Hangover Cures

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Partying is, in general, an immensely enjoyable activity. What’s much less enjoyable is a massive hangover the morning after. This seemingly inevitable phenomenon has haunted man (and woman) since the first flagon of mead was consumed, yet scientists have failed to pinpoint the exact cause nor precise cure for our post-party headaches. Which is a massive bummer for anyone who has to go to work or attend a lecture the morning after a night of revels. Fortunately, several prominent theories regarding the cure for one’s hangovers have arisen after decades of scientific research and several millennia of alcohol-swigging. Here are some of the top 5 hangover cures.

These are the top 5 ways to cure hangovers:

  1. Sleep

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The best remedy for hangovers is the simplest and most instinctive. Your body’s all tuckered out after a wild night out and it’s best to let it rest. Allow that hard-working liver of yours to generate the enzymes necessary to process your alcohol by taking a snooze for the next few hours. However, you should ask your friends or family to watch out for you as you nap, in case you begin displaying signs of alcohol poisoning such as irregular breathing, seizures or pale skin.

2.  Sports Drinks

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You spent most of last night chugging some pretty potent stuff. This morning you’ll have to make up for it by imbibing some of most dubious looking substances known to man; isotonic drinks. That odd-looking liquid ranging from colours such as bright red, pale yellow and strangely cloudy is chock-full of electrolytes which your body needs to rehydrate itself and straighten out your head.

3. Coffee/Tea

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This is especially helpful for those of us who can’t live without their morning cup of joe – you don’t want to deal with a throbbing caffeine withdrawal headache on top of the hangover-induced vertigo. The Italians even recommend an espresso shot to freshen you up enough to get through the day sans migraine.

 4. “Hair of the Dog” Drink

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If espresso shots aren’t your thing, how about a shot of vodka instead? A common cure for hangovers are “Hair of the Dog” drinks such as the Bloody Mary, a tomato-rich cocktail to replenish lost electrolytes and tide one over the physical discomfort by numbing your symptoms with a little more alcohol. Checkout bars that are open in the afternoon over here.

5. Greasy Breakfasts

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Listen to John Travolta belt out the classics as you make yourself a large, greasy breakfast. This is the hangover cure preferred by the English, who love their sausages, beans, bacon and eggs. Admittedly, this cure might not work for everybody, especially for those you especially susceptible to the symptoms of nausea. If you feel yourself retching halfway through your poached eggs, it might be time to go load up on electrolytes and go back to bed.


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