Top 5 Dishes to Pair Your Drinks in bars and pubs

Top 5 Dishes to Pair Your Drinks With

Everyone knows that eating while drinking is important if you don’t want to get drunk quickly or suffer from excruciating hangovers the morning after. As such, making sure your bottle of Asahi is served with a portion of fine cuisine serves a utilitarian, rational purpose. Also, because food is delicious and eating while drinking booze is just the best.

Here are Boozez’s top dishes to pair your drinks with:



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Just this once, carbs are a guy’s (or gal’s) best friend. Common knowledge dictates that the heavier your meal, the less likely you are to become rapidly intoxicated. Luckily, plenty of restaurant bars serve liquor alongside a veritable cornucopia of dishes for your enjoyment. If you’re looking for a carbohydrate fix, you could do a lot worse than a lavish serving of good old noodles. Whether you’re la mian maniac or an udon enthusiast, a big bowl of noodles is one of the best dishes to pair your drinks with as it’s neither too greasy nor too light, thereby ensuring that you can maintain a semblance of a healthy diet while staving off symptoms of insobriety.

Additionally, themed bars often serve noodles and drinks hailing from the same country of origin, so you can match your Sapporo beer or sake with a luscious serving of ramen or your Vietnamese bia with some piping hot pho for a splendid sample of another culture’s culinary palate.



mexican tacos

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Those who love Mexican food will tell you that no other kind of cuisine creates such a dynamic, delectable flavour. But even though these dishes are delightful when consumed alone, we have to admit that a serving of tacos becomes especially tantalizing when paired with a strong, no-frills beer. An explosion of spices and herbs tempered with a hoppy, bitter beer ensures that every lovely mouthful of quesadilla and enchilada goes down smoothly and scrumptiously. Due to the sheer variety of Mexican ingredients, it’s important to ask the staff for their recommendations regarding what drink goes with each dish, so you can savour every bite.



beef steak

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Calling all fitness enthusiasts; if you’re bulking, we haven’t forgotten about you. And if you’re cutting, it’s cheat day!  For everyone else, pairing a glass of wine or a pint of beer with a meat-filled dish is a classic (and flavoursome) practice. You can’t go wrong with the classics, and nothing goes with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon better than a fat, juicy steak. Personal preference is important here, and we’re not certified sommeliers but generally speaking; white wine goes with white meat, red wine goes with red meat and beer goes with burgers and bad life decisions. Personally, I enjoy all three in equal measure.


Bar Food:

beef burger

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Ah, old faithful. No self-respecting dive bar skimps on offering fries, wings and occasionally pizza as options on their menus. Nothing tastes better than knocking back a couple of cold ones with your drinking buddies while sharing a large basket of fries topped with garnish or cheese alongside variegated sauces. Some bars even offer spicy wings that can be used as forfeits once someone loses a drinking game. These greasy side dishes aren’t too heavy, so you can stave off a killer hangover the next morning but remain buzzed enough for a good time.


Dim Sum:

dim sum

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Don’t you love some sumptuous dim sum? These traditional Chinese meals are extremely popular amongst the clubbing crowd, particularly in speciality restaurants and 24-hour coffee shops. Affordable but exquisitely tasty, these mouth-watering Singaporean mainstays tend to be paired with local beers for a chill hang out or a post-clubbing session. When all the restaurants are closed for the night and you’re feeling peckish, never fear; dim sum’s got your back.

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