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Tips on avoiding fights in bars

avoiding fights

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What are the odds of getting into a fight when drunk? High, that’s for sure. The more alcohol one consumes, the higher the level of intoxication and when one is intoxicated, they start to lose control of their senses and go wild. One of the reasons why alcohol-fueled altercations happen so frequently. Alcohol flips on this switch that makes people not have a clue about what they are doing – whether being belligerent, breaking things or yelling gibberish out. We all know you don’t want to get into any bar brawls and come out all scathed so here are some tips on avoiding fights.

Set a limit on the drinks

limit your drinks

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Enjoy your first drink but set a limit on the rest and also make sure that you know how much alcohol your body can handle to avoid over drinking. A few ways to do this is to practice self-restraint and remind yourself to stick to the set limit. (Even though we know that alcohol makes self-restraint fly out of the window). Other more forceful measures include asking a friend to keep track of how many drinks you’ve taken so far or telling the bartender not to clear empty glasses so that it is easier to keep track on the number of drinks that you’ve had. Remember to establish your threshold so that you know what the limit is.


Avoid mixing drinks

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Try to avoid mixing different kinds of alcohols with each other as this will cause intoxication more quickly. Keep it consistent with one kind of alcohol so as to ensure that you don’t become inebriated or keep inebriation to a minimum. Take a glass of water and snacks with every drink so as to ensure that you stay sober as well. The oil in the snacks help to absorb excess alcohol and coat the lining in your stomach, slowing down the absorption of alcohol into your system. Consumption of water ensures that you remain hydrated. Making sure that you are sober will aid in avoiding fights in the bar.


Take a deep breath


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Get that oxygen into your lungs and system to calm yourself down. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth to ensure that your thoughts and response remain as rational as possible. This is to minimize any aggressive reaction that might happen after that fella at the bar came up to you in rage.

Manage your distance / Walk away

walk away

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Keep a distance from the aggressor (around an arm’s length or so) to maintain a protective radius and create angles of defence. Or be the bigger man and simply walk away from the tensions. Remember that you do not want to get into unwanted trouble and garner attention so follow this guide on avoiding fights in bars! Drink responsibly and do not get into brawls unnecessarily!

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