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Tips for a First Timer to Drinking

Just got to the legal age for drinking and you wanna go all out with the alcohol? It’s your best bet not to and to slowly try things out. Here are some tips for a first timer to drinking so that you can survive your first drinking session!

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Tips for a First Timer to Drinking

  1. Eat before any drinking session

Be sure to eat your fill before you go drinking! This is to protect your stomach by lining it with oils and carbohydrates to slow down the absorption of alcohol, enabling you to remain sober longer.

  1. Pace yourself

Do not down everything in your first hour but pace yourself. Just like in running, you want to complete the entire marathon with a steady pace and not sprint the first hour which would lead to a burnout. It helps to establish a rhythm to your drinking and space out the drinks so that your body does not race to a high immediately.

  1. Keep a count

Enjoy your first drink but set a limit on the rest. This is also to make sure that you know how much alcohol your body can handle to avoid over drinking.

  1. Stay away from the cheap stuff

This might sound dubious and snobby but there is a legitimate reason behind it. Cheaper alcohols contain more impurities and is a highway to terrible consequences when you down in as compared to drinking the purer and more expensive alcohols. Otherwise, stick to the clearer spirits as those are usually distilled and contain fewer impurities as well.

  1. Mixing alcohol is a no

Try to avoid mixing different kinds of alcohols with each other as this will cause intoxication more quickly. Keep it consistent with one kind of alcohol so as to ensure that you don’t become inebriated or keep inebriation to a minimum.

  1. Hydrate well after your session

Drinking is one of the quickest ways the body dehydrates so remember to keep yourself sufficiently hydrated! Drink water not only before you take a shot or two but after your entire drinking session as well.

  1. Don’t leave your drink unattended

This is extremely important especially if you are drinking outside. You’ll never know what kind of dangers lurk outside and what the intentions of the people around you are. Keep a close eye on your drink and keep yourself safe.

  1. Rest up after

Get a good sleep after a drinking session so that your body can recharge and restore itself. This might be hard because unlike what people think, alcohol does not help one to sleep better. So head to bed immediately after you wash up to ensure that you get as much rest as possible that your body condition does not deteriorate.

Remember to drink responsibly, especially for your first time and remember our top tips to keep yourself safe and to have a good time!

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