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The Magic of the Mojito


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This Cuban highball has been a favourite since its creation in Havana centuries ago. Since then, this rum cocktail has garnered international appeal far beyond its Cuban roots, popping up everywhere from Switzerland to our very own Singapore. Here at Boozez we’ve attempted to break down the appeal of this amazing little concoction after conducting our own, erm, internal research (read: day drinking) into the unique qualities of the magical mojito.

These are the reasons why we love the mojito:

  • It’s Easy to Order

Have you ever found yourself in a bar where you don’t recognize any of the labels available? Don’t embarrass yourself in front of your friends by ordering something wrong, get a mojito – any bartender worth his salt knows how to make one and you can never go wrong with a good mojito.

  • It’s Deliciously Sweet

Mojitos are just about the sweetest drink you’ll ever have that doesn’t taste like it’s overly saccharine. This is due to the presence of mint and lime, which cut the overall syrupiness of the mojito. Not a fan of neat hard liquor? Not to worry; while the taste of rum is undeniably present, it serves more as a solid undercurrent to the zesty-yet-fresh flavour of the cocktail.

  • It Comes In So Many Flavours

Mojitos are very much the Evee of cocktails – they can evolve into a veritable cornucopia of different beasts. Famous variations on the classic mojito theme include strawberry mojitos, tequila mojitos, coconut mojitos, watermelon mojitos and pomegranate mojitos. Mojitos are the gift that keeps on giving, and we’re happy campers to receive these glorious tidings.

  • It’s Socially Acceptable Fun

Mojitos are the ultimate social drink for a midday drink. With rum as its base, it doesn’t need a particularly high amount of alcoholic content to impart that hard liquor taste and the right amount of buzz. What this means is that you could casually sip a cold mojito over lunch while maintaining a coherent conversation, free from worries about blacking out for the remainder of the day.

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