The Flash Drinking Game

The Flash Drinking Game

the flash drinking game

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Sometimes it just seems like there aren’t enough hours in a day to do your work, spend time with your family, hang out with your friends and get some much-needed me time. Who among us hasn’t wished for super speed when we’re struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance? Sometimes you just have to slow down and take a break to watch a few episodes of everyone’s favourite superhero TV series, The Flash. Unwind with a couple of friends in front of the telly with a couple of drinks for a few fun-filled hours that’ll zip by faster than a Scarlet Speedster with the Flash Drinking Game.

Take a drink every time:

  • Barry uses his speed to do regular things (ie. Change clothes, deliver pizza, put up Christmas ornaments)

Allen West Flash GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

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Don’t we all wish we were the Flash sometimes?


  • Cisco references a movie or TV show

Expecto Patronium

Credits: GIPHY

Aww, he’s a dude who loves pop culture, just like us!

  • Joe says he doesn’t understand something

Poor guy is a regular cop on a show full of science fiction gobbledegook.


  • Someone says a superhero/villain name

weather wizard

Credits: GIPHY


Two shots when it’s used in first person (“I’m the Flash”)

Black Canary

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  • Slow motion!

The Flash’s light hearted approach to superheroics may be the polar opposite of the Zack Snyder DC movies’ grim and gritty tone, but they both sure do love their slo-mo scenes.

Slo mo

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  • Barry has an adorable emotional moment with Joe

Emotional moment

Credits: GIPHY

Joe West is superhero fiction’s best dad ever – although to be fair, most of his competition is dead.


  • Someone gives an pep talk

Two shots if that pep talk is given over the comms, and finish your drink if they say “Run,

Barry, run!”


You are halfway through The Flash Drinking Game!

  • Barry vibrates to hide his face or change his voice

 Flash changes voices

Credits: GIPHY

Finally, a feasible reason for why heroes who partially obscure their faces aren’t immediately recognized by their loved ones.


  • Someone unexpected walks into the Cortex

They really need to get better security for their super secret STAR Labs headquarters.


  • If anyone mentions a member of Team Arrow by their civilian names (Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, etc)

Mentions civilian names

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“Who’s the greatest hacker in the world?” “Felicity Smoak.”


  • Two Doppelgangers appear in the same shot

 Doppelganger appear in same shot

Credits: GIPHY

They don’t quite reach Orphan Black-levels of doppelganger mayhem but time travel, parallel dimensions and other sci-fi plot devices provide ample opportunity for actors to play multiple versions of themselves.


  • A mug shot appears on the STAR Labs screen

Isn’t it odd that most of the metahumans with powers happen to be criminals, too?


  • Another hero appears on the show

Flash and super woman

Credits: GIPHY

They’re super friends!


Take two shots if they’re from Team Arrow (we’ll include Felicity here)

Team Arrow

Credits: GIPHY


Finish your drink if there are more than four superheroes are in the same shot.


Credits: GIPHYq


  • A “breach” opens up

Breach opens up

Credits: GIPHY

Those blue glowing CGI effects are effectively this show’s vehicle for time travel/alternate dimension weirdness.


  • Another speedster appears

Speedster appears

Credits: GIPHY

Get ready for some awesome super speed fight scenes/team ups.

As always, remember to drink responsibly. You know Central City’s stalwart protector would heartily approve as you play The Flash Drinking Game.

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