What your Horoscopes Says About Your Drinking Habits (Part Three)

What your Star Signs Says About Your Drinking Habits (Part Three)

Part Three of a Three Part Series

part three

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The jury’s out; horoscopes are in vogue again.

There’s been a recent resurgence of appreciation for the centuries-old study of celestial bodies, particularly among millennials. Folks from all walks of life have subscribed to the revered school of astrology, putting faith in a Babylonian system of divination which promises to peer beyond a veil of mysticism that modern science is incapable of explaining

Some of us are unconvinced by the idea that an alignment of stars can predict behavioural patterns or determine personal fortunes, but others have found that their horoscopes reading resonates with them more deeply than they can explain. In any case, it stands to reason that even sceptics might gleam some form of insight from a quick glimpse into the annals of ancient astromancy. If you’re looking for some understanding into your drinking habits, perhaps an astrological perspective might help. At the very least – it’ll be a bit of fun.



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Know someone who’s always posting artistically lit shots of beers in foreign pubs and displaying strange-looking concoctions on their Instagram pages? They’re probably a Sagittarius, whose joyful natures are imbued with an incurable wanderlust that leads them down the path less taken – both geographically and alcoholically speaking.

Craving independence from drinking convention, your Sagittarius friend will seek out and procure beers, mixers and cocktails that you’ve never seen before in your life. The best part of sharing these beguilingly bizarre drinks with them is that you get to engage your philosophical buddy in a discussion of the finer points of Plato or Camus or whoever they’ve been reading about lately.



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A real bohemian eccentric, you probably go to odd-looking bars that tread a fine line between tastefully artistic and garishly kitschy. Your drunken self either retreats into a corner to moodily cogitate on another idea to save the world or launches into a passionate diatribe about social injustice or inequality, much to your friends’ amusement.

You like a night out as much as the next person, but an Aquarius is just as happy sipping cider from a bottle while sitting on a park bench with a second-hand copy of the Odyssey.



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We all know a Libra that seems to never get angry or riled up, who’s always disarmingly charming and will always reply your invitations to a night out with an enthusiastic “yes, let’s go!”. Bless your soul, Libra, you’re so likeable and mellow, even complete strangers take a shine to you when you’re chatting them up. A social animal through and through, you tend to enjoy chin-wagging with a group of friends (old and new) over a steady string of fun-tasting cocktails.

Never let a Libra pick the destination for your nights out, though. They’ll be so indecisive and mellow about it that your more “on point” friends will get increasingly frustrated as the decision-making process drones on and on but ultimately… goes nowhere.




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The most compassionate drunks you’ll ever meet are Pisces. If you’re puking your guts out into a toilet at a house party, a Pisces will hold back your hair and then bring you new clothes. If you’re pouring your heart out to a stranger at a bar who patiently listens and buys you another round, odds are that they’re a Pisces. Less inclined towards wild nights out in favour of bonding sessions over beer with a few friends, Pisces are the ideal folks to talk to when you need to get something off your chest. They’re like unofficial but well-meaning therapists – buy them a couple of drinks for their time and they’ll almost certainly be glad to hear you out.

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