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What your Star Sign Says About Your Drinking Habits (Part One)


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Part One of a Three Part Series

The jury’s out; horoscopes are in vogue again.

There’s been a recent resurgence of appreciation for the centuries-old study of celestial bodies, particularly among millennials. Folks from all walks of life have subscribed to the revered school of astrology, putting faith in a Babylonian system of divination which promises to peer beyond a veil of mysticism that modern science is incapable of explaining

Some of us are unconvinced by the idea that an alignment of stars can predict behavioural patterns or determine personal fortunes, but others have found that their star sign reading resonates with them more deeply than they can explain. In any case, it stands to reason that even sceptics might gleam some form of insight from a quick glimpse into the annals of ancient astromancy. If you’re looking for some understanding into your drinking habits, perhaps an astrological perspective might help. At the very least – it’ll be a bit of fun.




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If your star sign is Aries, you’re a party animal. Your exuberant and magnetic personality turns you into a force of nature at social gatherings and you’ll always be competing to see who downs the most glasses. More than any other sign, you hard or go home, so anything other than the hardest of liquors is weak sauce for you.

Don’t go too hard, though, or your drunken temper might momentarily get the better of you. Aries are known for their fiery passions, so as long as you can keep your emotional extremes in check every night out will be the best night out ever.




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Taurus, you’re a cool customer. We won’t find you doing a row of flaming shots or dancing on the tables, no sir. You’ll be sitting at the table, sipping your pint of cold beer and listening to your friends recount their troubles and triumph. You’ll laugh when they tell a funny story and reassure them when they confide in you about their recent break-ups.

You’re that dependable, supportive friend everyone hopes to have, although sometimes when your mates want to get a little crazy tonight you might want to consider switching your glass of stout for a shot of tequila and just cutting loose for the next few hours.



party festival

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You’re that gal or guy who gets invited to every party because they’re an inexhaustible whirlwind of excitement and fun. You’ve never been sober for more than twenty minutes any time you hit a place with affordable booze in substantial quantity. Everyone’s heard your drunken rendition of the latest pop songs and they all sang along with you because the party truly only starts when a Gemini walks in.

Do try to pace yourself, loves. Too many consecutive mixers at a house party and the next thing you know, you’ll be waking up with a massive hangover on a bench at an unfamiliar void deck with no cash, no phone and no idea how you got there.




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Who needs the bustle of the bar when you can kick back and relax in front of the TV with a glass of duty-free cognac? We don’t have fireplaces in Singapore but if we did, you’d be sipping brandy in front of one. Oh, Cancer, people who call you a grumpy Gus or moody Marge just don’t understand you.

How you pick your friends are analogous to your liquor preferences; you value a few good ones over a large group that you only superficially enjoy, once you find them you stick to them with undying loyalty and you find that they’re best enjoyed in personal, intimate settings instead of noisy crowded places.

If your star sign has not yet appeared, stay tuned for parts 2 & 3 to find out what the other star signs say about your drinking habits and in the meantime, check out more cool content at Boozez.com!