Six Must-Try Healthy Cocktails

Six Must-Try Healthy Cocktails

6 must try healthy cocktails

Want to drink but counting the calories because you know that alcohol has plenty of hidden calories that might ruin your diet plan so you stay away from drinks! Fret not because here are Six Must-Try Healthy Cocktails! Perfect for when you really want to drink some alcohol but you are watching your dietary intake!

Tequila Sunrise

tequila sunrise

First up on the list of healthy cocktails, Tequila Sunrise! Made with tequila, fresh orange juice and grenadine syrup, this cocktail is chock full of Vitamin C and antioxidants from the orange juice! Another surprising element to this cocktail is Tequila which boasts of several health benefits. Tequila contains agavins, a type of sugar that aids in weight loss due to its less refined molecular structure which enables it to pass through the system unused. Tequila also stimulates metabolism, helps to dissolve fats and aids in improving digestion when drunk after a meal. Bet you never knew that!


Sour Apple Martini

sour apple martini

Next up on the list is the Sour Apple Martini! Standing at 150 calories, this is the cocktail with the second lowest calorie count in this list! This cocktail is refreshing with a hint of sour, definitely perfect for a hot summer’s day! Additionally, vodka amps up the health factor of this cocktail through it’s health benefits such as reducing the risks of heart diseases and relieving stress! Seems great doesn’t it? Don’t miss out on this martini!




Key ingredients of mojitos include mint and lime juice which possess great health benefits! Mint not only improves oral hygiene and provides a refreshing flavour to the drink but also as other health benefits! It aids digestion as the menthol oil in mint helps sooth the stomach and helps to boost one’s immunity as it is full of powerful antioxidants and potent phytonutrients. Lime juice is a great source of Vitamin C and will also aid in boosting one’s immune system!




Luckily for the ladies, the Cosmopolitan made it to the list! One of the more popular drinks that ladies order at a bar, they will surely be glad to know that despite its pinkish and sweet demeanour, the Cosmopolitan thankfully stands at 200 calories which ain’t too bad honestly! Cranberry juice which forms up the bulk of the cocktail also has multiple benefits! Other than being loaded with nutrients that are good for your body, cranberry juice also contains anti-oxidants which protect your body from free radicals!


Bloody Mary

bloody mary

The Bloody Mary Cocktail might just be one of the healthiest cocktails around! With its main ingredients being vodka and fresh tomato juice, that should come as no surprise! The health benefits of vodka have already been mentioned above so let us examine the other ingredients!

Tomatoes are loaded with nutrients that are great for your body and are considered a high-antioxidant fruit. It is also one of the best sources of the phytonutrient, called lycopene, which is closely tied to enhanced immunity and cancer risk reduction.




Last but not least on our list of healthy cocktails, the Americano! Now don’t mix this up with Americano coffee even though they may look similar because the contents are completely different. The Americano has 150 calories which is the lowest on this list! How about that? You can enjoy this cocktail while being guiltfree thanks to its low-calorie content which will ensure that you do not bust that calorie limit of yours while on a diet.

Check out BOOZEZ.COM for more drink ideas! Remember that moderation is key when drinking even if the cocktails are healthier and lower calorie choices.