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Singaporean Cocktails that surely bring out your patriotism!

National Day is just around the corner and even the theme song for this year has been released! Did you listen to the remake of one of our classic National Day Parade songs, “We are Singapore” by home-grown local singer Charlie Lim? Check it out if you have not! In a bid to bring out the patriotism in all fellow Singaporeans, what better way to celebrate our nation’s independence then through sipping on some cocktails that have Singaporean flavours? Check out the following cocktails!

Kaya Toast Cocktail (Bitters & Love)

Credits: Toutiao

The Kaya Toast Cocktail, a spin-off of the favourite local breakfast of Singaporeans, even includes the egg in the drink. Made with english breakfast tea, Mount Gay Rum, peach liqueur, honey, fresh lemon juice, egg white and kaya, this concoction is sure to remind you of your favourite kaya toast – which also garnishes this cocktail.


Pipagao Cocktail (Ding Dong)

pipagao cocktail ding dong

Credits: Ding Dong

When the Americans had the entire Pipagao craze, Singaporeans were just like “We’ve been taking that for ages…” What many do not know, however, is the existence of the Pipagao Cocktail. Containing whisky, aged rum, pipagao syrup, calamansi, Angostura and Peychaud’s bitters, the Pipagao cocktail contains minty notes and is definitely soothing. This is the drink for all you pipagao fans out there.

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Katong Laksa (Amrith)

katong laksa cocktail amrith

Credit: Highest Spirits

Amrith pays homage to the original Katong Laksa with its Katong Laksa Cocktail. The cocktail is made with vodka that is steeped with shrimp and a laksa broth reduction. It comes in a bowl with noodles (the classic cu mifen), laksa leaves, a quail egg and a plastic spoon to eat it with – it passes off as a real laksa dish and screams Singaporean! This is one dish, I mean cocktail that would surely bring out your patriotism.


Hainanese Chicken Rice (Amrith)

chicken rice cocktail

Credits: Picoku

Chicken rice is an answer you will get when you ask many Singaporeans what is one dish that they will be willing to eat again and again. Once again, Amrith takes a beloved Singaporean dish and makes a cocktail inspired by it. Made with a fat-washed rye that takes on the flavours of chicken rice like ginger, garlic, shallots and sesame oil, the rye is combined with a ginger liqueur and lime juice. The flavours marry, forming the Hainanese Chicken Rice cocktail. Adding on to the mixology with gastronomy, the cocktail is served with a little bowl of chilled, Hainanese steamed chicken. Is this a meal or a cocktail? It is up to you to decide.


Kopi Cat (Loof)

kopi cat

Credits: Asia Bars

Kopi peng is a local favourite with both the young and the old. Loof has an amped up version of the kopi that we all love. Essentially an alcoholic kopi peng, Kopi Cat contains salted caramel-infused black salt vodka, coffee, hazelnut and condensed milk. What makes Kopi Cat even cuter other than the play on words in its name (Kopi Cat sounds like copycat) is that it’s served in a dapao (takeaway) plastic bag in an old school enamel cup – talk about going back to local roots!


Mr Bean (Jekyll & Hyde’s)

mr bean cocktail

Credit: Saveur

Here at Jekyll & Hyde’s, bartenders combine Lao Ban tau huay (soybean pudding), butterscotch liqueur, Frangelico and vodka into a cocktail known as Mr Bean. Served in a traditional ceramic cup, this cocktail is reminiscent of the soybean beverage or pudding that we all love.


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