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Shooters for the Military Man

shooters for the military man

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Are you a fresh enlistee, conscripted into two years of National Service and looking to drown your Tekong sorrows during your woefully short book out? Or are you a seasoned regular of the Singapore Armed Forces trying to forget about your bodoh recruits over a weekend? Maybe you’re an NSman catching up with his unit buddies to reminisce about the old days. In any case, there’s nothing better than sitting down with a couple of your brothers in arms with a few pints of beer… then competing to see who can down the most shots. None of that weak stuff, of course. If you’re going to be real men you have to pick the strongest drinks. To that end, we’d like to present shooters for the military man for your inspection, sirs.



– Equal parts vodka, triple sec and lime juice. Served with a wedge of lime.


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The Kamikaze is regarded by some as one of the very first shooters for the military man, named not for the suicidal bomber pilots but for the Japanese term for “divine wind”. It certainly has staying power, and not without reason – the refreshing zing of this cocktail has tided many generations of friends over the night while they bond over the past and eagerly discuss the future. Raise a Kamikaze to your mates before the night ends to thank them for all they’ve done for you.



– A layered shooter with coffee liqueur, Irish cream and another liqueur

B 52

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Named after a band inspired by an actual Vietnam War bomber plane, this cocktail typically has three ingredients: Kahlua, Baileys and another form of liqueur (typically Grand Marnier, Cointreau or triple sec). When prepared and presented properly, each liqueur sits on top of each other without mixing. For such a strong mix of liqueur, it looks awfully aesthetic. Its full-bodied texture and rousing flavour are guaranteed to simultaneously perk you up while allowing you to bask in a warm, soothing buzz.


flaming b-52

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Bonus: Order up a Flaming B-52 if you’re feeling adventurous. Probably inspired by the incendiary bombs dropped by Vietnam War-era B-52 bombers, it’s not only a great drink but a sombre reminder of the devastating engines of war. It also creates some truly stunning visuals for your Instagram stories. It’s not a red zone, so take all the photos you want.


Sake Bomb

– sake in a shot glass that is dropped into a pint of Japanese beer.

 sake bomb

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Shots are easy. We suggest dropping shots into a larger glass and down the whole concoction if you REALLY want to get wild.

The sake bomb has gained international popularity, with bar patrons from Japan to Jamaica shouting “Kanpai!” as the shot glass falls into their beer. The ultimate blend of traditional oriental refinement and brewed modern tastes have created a mix that has garnered near-universal appeal across the globe, including our island nation. Japanese aficionados from both the commander and men section will jump at the chance to fuse two of Japan’s most renowned alcoholic beverages into a single drink, creating a common topic to bond over while drinking. Borrow a phrase or two from your favourite anime and toast in Japanese for maximum effect.



– a shot glass with Redbull dropped into half a glass of Jägermeister.


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An old favourite of the clubbing crowd, the Jagerbomb winds you up with sheer explosive power by combining the intoxicating high of the Jagermeister with the caffeine rush from the Redbull to create the ultimate mix of energized insobriety that’ll keep you bouncing off the walls all night. If you’re looking to dance your woes away, the Jagerbomb is our shooter of choice to kick off your party. Just for the night, the lads working in artillery and munition could enjoy dropping some actual Jagerbombs instead of simulated military ones. Definitely one of the best shooters for the military man.


Irish Bomb

– A potent combination of Irish whisky and Irish cream (usually Bailey’s) with other ingredients in a shot glass, dropped into a pint of Irish stout (such as Guinness).

irish bomb

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Last but not least on the list of shooters for the military man, the Irish Bomb! If you want to get drunk but don’t fancy the vile taste of tequila, the Irish bomb is a pleasantly creamy drink with an after burn strong enough to put the average mixer to shame. Guinness and Baileys are among our finest Irish imports, so when they’re coupled with Irish whiskey the resulting shooter is of exceedingly high quality.

You can order this drink in pretty much any Irish-themed pub, primarily because it’s Irish cream and Irish whiskey dropped in Irish beer, which makes for an excellent Irish shooter (and excessive usage of the word “Irish” in one sentence). All in all, the Irish Bomb is a sensational shooter for a sharp-shooting soldier with a sweet tooth.


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