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Are You at a Greater Risk of being Hungover?

risk of being hungover

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Did you have a nice time last night? Did you go out with the guys (or gals) for what now seems to be a haze of cocktails and laughter? If you did, I hope you woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to tackle a day of work or enjoy a tranquil weekend. The rest of us probably woke up with an irresistible urge to empty the contents of our intestines into the nearest bin… or if you’re unlucky, the nearest flat surface.

For a problem as widespread and persistent as it is, it’s curious that researchers have yet to determine a definitive cause for the common hangover. What we do have are the tales provided by all the folks who have been in your (possibly gin-scented) shoes. We have compiled scientific theories with longstanding understandings held by the drinking community to formulate a list of reasons why you might be at more at risk of being hungover.

You’re more likely to wake up feeling terrible with a greater risk of being hungover if you….

1. Didn’t hydrate

Drinking Water

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A prominent common understanding among frequent drinkers is that dehydration is the primary cause of hangovers. You probably didn’t chase those mai tais down with a tall glass of water last night, did you? Your body craves hydration and we tend to deprive it of that precious resource during our revels. In addition, alcohol acts as a diuretic so you probably went to the restroom a couple of too many times last night. Drink more water! Even if you’re not hungover, it never hurts.


2. Drank on an empty stomach


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If you didn’t squeeze in a quick bite before you hit the pub with the boys, chances are you’re regretting it now. Regular drinkers will swear by this technique – eat a nice, full meal before you start drinking. It’s said that piling up on greasy fried food to “oil” your digestive tract makes it harder for the alcohol to be absorbed, reducing the symptoms of your hangover. Next time, you should probably order some food at the bar before lining up your first shots.


3Drank dark liquor

dark liquor

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The old wives’ tale that the “darker the liquor, the bigger the hangover” might have more credence to it than you expected. Darker liquors such as rum and whiskey contain more chemicals like congeners, which worsen hangover symptoms. Bet you wish that you had stuck with that martini instead, don’t you?


4. Are light

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Studies have shown that the heavier a person is, the less susceptible they are to the effects of a hangover. If you’re of a petite or slim build, you might want not want to challenge your bigger, buffer mates to drinking contests – it’s a rigged competition and will increase your risk of being hungover.


Now that you know why the room was spinning, here’s a few good old remedies to ease that banging in your head and maybe lessen risk of being hungover – Top 5 Cures for Your Hangover.