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Ring of Fire Drinking Game with Cards

Ring of fire drinking game with cards

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Ring of Fire aka Kings Cup

This is the 1st article in the series Drinking Game with Cards. We call this game the Ring of Fire drinking game with cards. Anyone who’s ever had a casual hang out at a friend’s place over beers will tell you that playing cards and booze go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you’ve ever been starved for ideas on what to do at a house party, there’s nothing like a good drinking game to liven up the mood and cut through the awkwardness. We’ve compiled a list of drinking games you can play with a full deck of cards and a few fatuous fools – uh, I mean eager participants. Let the drinking games begin!

How to play Ring of Fire drinking game with cards:

This game is guaranteed to destroy drunk people as it goes on. Meant for 4 up to 8 people, this game is an international classic. Everyone plays this game differently and there are tons of rules floating around the internet, so we’d like to present to you the Boozez version of the game. Are you ready, kids?

To play this game, you’ll need two cups, a full deck of cards and drinks for everyone playing. Fill up one cup with some alcohol of your choice then lay it on the floor. Spread a deck of cards around the cup to form the eponymous “Ring of Fire” and begin drawing cards from the ring.


Waterfall! This means everyone has to drink until the first person stops, so you might be in for a ride.


Pick someone to drink.


You have to drink.


All guys drink.


This is an action card. At any point of this game you can flip this card over and do an action. Everyone has to imitate your action and the last person who does imitates your action has to drink. You can only flip over your card once and you don’t have to announce it when you flip your card, meaning that whoever isn’t paying attention is going to start get hammered.


All girls drink


Slap the floor with your palm. The last person to slap the floor has to take a drink.


You can “link” two people, so whenever one of them has to drink, the other person has to drink.


You can set any rule you want that will stay in effect until the game is over or the next person who draws nine overturns your rule, and anyone who violates that rule will have to drink. These rules can be something like “nobody can stand up until the game is over”, or if you want to be a real jerk you could rule that a certain person can’t talk.


This card means you have to have to pick a category and a direction – clockwise or anticlockwise – and everyone has to go around and name something from that category. This could be anything from the mundane (“colours”, “movies”) to the raunchy.


Everyone plays “Never Have I Ever”. Everyone puts up five fingers and takes turns naming things that you have never done before that you know your friends have done. For example, if you know some of your friends have thrown up by the roadside, say “Never have I ever vomited in a drain” and your friends have to put down one finger. Whoever’s put down all their fingers first has to drink.


If you draw this card, nobody can respond to anything you say. If they do, they have to take a drink. If you ask them “Hey what does this card mean” and they respond with the contents of this segment, they have to drink.


If you draw a King, you can put one thing in the fabled Kings Cup. This can be anything that’s edible and can fit within the cup, so if you’re a real jerk you can put potato chips or ketchup into it. The first 3 people who draw a King get to fill up the cup, and the last person who draws the King card has to drink it. Cheers!

Additional Rule:

This game also known as the “Ring of Fire” because when the card you’ve drawn breaks the circle, you have to take a drink. Enjoy your bout of King’s Cup, folks!

Have fun playing the Ring of Fire drinking game with cards!

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