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Drinking Games with Cards – Ride The Bus

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Anyone who’s ever had a casual hang out at a friend’s place over beers will tell you that playing cards and booze go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you’ve ever been starved for ideas on what to do at a house party, there’s nothing like a good drinking game to liven up the mood and cut through the awkwardness. We’ve compiled a list of drinking games you can play with a full deck of cards and a few fatuous fools – uh, I mean eager participants. Let the drinking games begin!

This is the 4th article in the series Drinking Games with Cards.

Ride the Bus

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This is a classic drinking game that like all games in this series, requires a full deck of playing cards. For a game that has multiple parts to it, “Ride the Bus” is rather simple to explain while playing so new players can learn how to play as the game unfolds.

Phase One: Dealing the Cards.

Ride the Bus


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Step one is to elect a dealer who knows how the game is played. Every time he or she deals a card, they’ll ask each player a question and if they answer incorrectly, the player has to drink.

First, the dealer will ask the first player to ask someone to guess the colour of the card at the top of the deck (red or black). The dealer gives the card to the player and if they guessed incorrectly, they have to take a drink.

The next player has to guess the colour of the next card and take a drink if they’re wrong. Each player keeps their card. The dealer will ask everyone this question.

After everyone’s had their turn, the dealer will ask the first person to guess if the card at the top of the deck is higher or lower than the card they’ve already been dealt. If he’s wrong, he has to drink. Keep this card too, and the dealer will ask each person this question until everyone has a card.

The dealer will then ask if the value of the next card is between or outside the value of the two cards they’ve been dealt and if they guess incorrectly, drink.

(ie. If you’ve been dealt a J and a 9 previously and you guess “inside”, if the next card you’re dealt isn’t 9, 10 or J you have to drink. Likewise, if you’ve been dealt a 3 and a Q previously and you guess “outside” if your next card isn’t 2, K or A you have to drink)

Finally, the dealer will ask if each player can guess the suit of the next card. If they’re incorrect, drink. After this last round of questioning, each person should have four cards each and it’s time to move to phase two of the game: The Bus.

Phase 2: Boarding the Bus

Board the bus

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The dealer uses the remaining cards in the deck to set up the “bus” that this game is named for by placing cards face down in a pyramid pattern. At the top of the pyramid is 1 card for the first row, followed by 2 cards for the second row, 3 cards for the third row and so on until you lay down 5 cards for fifth and bottom row.

The goal of this game is to get rid of all your cards, so when a card in the pyramid is flipped over and you have a matching card, you can play it and nominate someone to drink.

How much that person drinks depends on the row that your matching card is in. For example, if you have a matching card with the fifth row, you can nominate 1 person to drink. If you have a matching card with the third row, you can nominate either 3 people to drink, or 1 person to drink 3 times. If you have a matching card with the card on top of the pyramid, nominate 5 people to drink or make 1 person drink 5 times.

Start the game by flipping over the card on the bottom left.

You can choose not to play your matching card immediately and wait for another matching card in a higher row to appear so you can nominate more people for drinks. However, if you have the most cards left at the end of the game you have to “Ride the bus” as punishment. If multiple people have the same amount of cards left, the person with a card of the highest face value (2 being the lowest and A being the highest) has to “Ride the bus”.

Phase Three: Ride the Bus

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The loser of the last round has to correctly guess the answer to all four consecutive questions above: red or black, higher lower, between or outside and which suite in regards to the top 4 cards of what remains in the deck. If he guesses incorrectly even once, he has to take a drink and ride the bus again. For instance, if he correctly guesses that the top card is black, the second card is higher than his first and the third card is in between the value of his first and second cards BUT he guesses that the last card is from a clubs suit and he gets dealt a 4 of diamonds, the poor guy has to drink and start over again.

Keep going until he guesses correctly, you run out of cards or he passes out from excessive booze.

Drink responsibly, chaps and check out more drinking games at Boozez.

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