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Drinking Games With Cards – Pyramid


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Anyone who’s ever had a casual hang out at a friend’s place over beers will tell you that playing cards and booze go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you’ve ever been starved for ideas on what to do at a house party, there’s nothing like a good drinking game to liven up the mood and cut through the awkwardness. We’ve compiled a list of drinking games you can play with a full deck of cards and a few fatuous fools – uh, I mean eager participants. Let the drinking games begin!

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This game is one of the easier ones to play, as you can explain the rules on the go. It’s a lot like “Bluff”, but with a different novelty to it and a higher possibility of getting absolutely wasted.

You’ll need a full deck of cards. Place 21 cards face down in a pyramid shape, ie. with 1 card for at the top, 2 cards on the second row, 3 on the third row, 4 on the fourth row and 5 cards on the fifth row and 6 cards at the bottom.

Deal the remaining cards out to all players and start the game by flipping over the card at the bottom right of the pyramid before making your way upwards, row by row.

The goal of this game is to get rid of all your cards, so when a card in the pyramid is flipped over and you have a matching card, you could play it by nominating someone to drink.

How much that person drinks depends on the row that your matching card is in. For example, if you have a matching card with the fifth row, you can nominate 1 person to drink. If you have a matching card with the third row, you can nominate either 3 people to drink, or 1 person to drink 3 times. If you have a matching card with the card on top of the pyramid, nominate 5 people to drink or make 1 person drink 5 times.

The catch is that you when you play your card you place it face down, so other players don’t know if you actually played a card that matches the card in the pyramid.

Any player can call your bluff; if they’re wrong, they need to drink twice the amount that the person you nominated had to. But if they successfully call your bluff, you’ll have to drink twice the amount that you had nominated someone to drink.

If you have a matching card, you can choose not to play it in the hopes that there’ll be another matching card higher up in the pyramid that’s worth more drinks. Alternatively, you could simply bluff your way through if you have an impeccable poker face.

At the end of the game, the person/ people with the most amount of cards left in their hand has to do a forfeit determined by their friends. This can be anything from push-ups to finishing even more drinks.

For a more hardcore version of this game, be sure to check out the next entry in this series“Riding the Bus”, which involves an alternate dealing method that will get unlucky chaps thoroughly wasted well before the Pyramid segment of the game begins.

As always, remember that you don’t have to succumb to peer pressure. Don’t drink if you don’t want to and if you do drink always remember to do it responsibly.


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