Pub Crawls! Yay or Nay?

Pub Crawls! Yay or Nay?

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If you’ve ever seen a movie or television series about life in the big city, you’ll know that pub crawls are overblown, exhilarating adventures that start with a few friends planning a list of pubs to visit all in one night. Everyone drinks a pint and moves on from bar to bar until you’ve been to every tavern on your list. As the night goes on everyone gets drunker and wilder before everything comes to a head at the final pub, where you sit and talk until the sun comes up or the first bus arrives. It’s a hell of a ride, but are you ready to do it? We’ve listed the pros and cons of embarking on pub crawls in Singapore below. Shall we take the plunge?


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It’s so. Much. Fun.

Drinking is a fairly static activity. Everyone enters a bar, orders food and sits around to talk. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but the fun seekers among you might want to inject an element of spontaneity and movement into the night by embarking on a pub crawl. If done right, a single pub crawl could be the kind of story you’d want to tell your grandchildren about someday.

Start small by hopping through maybe three pubs, so there’s a refreshing change of environment every hour, as well as a sense of achievement after you finish your crawl. If you’re young and ambitious, maybe target five to seven pubs for a jolly good time. And if you’re wild, untamed bohemian spirits go for ten bars for a smashing night none of you will ever forget (or remember). I just hope that all your pals make it through the night without involuntarily expulsing the contents of their stomachs.


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You’ll Really Know Your Friends

In a way, pub crawls are simultaneously the ultimate builder of bonds and the ultimate test of friendship. You don’t know who someone truly is until they’re confessing their most intimate, honest thoughts in front of you without inhibition, and you never know who your friends truly are until they’re picking you up and handing you a glass of water after you’ve spilled your guts on the pavement. If you want to really know about the people you call your buddies, a pub crawl could reveal everything – the bad and the good.


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It Could be Pricey

Alcohol is not cheap in Singapore. Goods and Service Tax already makes up a substantial portion of the prices, and by switching establishments multiple times you would might incur a rather hefty bill at the end of the night. To circumvent this, we suggest doing some research ahead of time to check out which bars serve affordable beverages during and after their happy hours.

You’ll Have To Do Some Homework

Pub crawls require thorough planning to successfully execute. A budget has to be set for the night and opening hours must be researched beforehand – it won’t do for the group to run out of money before you’ve reached the third pub, or for your chosen bars to close halfway through your run.

Thankfully, now you’ve got websites such as that lets you cross-reference times, prices and locations to aid you in your epic quest to have the most awesome night out ever.