The Night’s Still Young! A Guide to Post-Clubbing Adventures

A Guide to Post-Clubbing Adventures in Singapore


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Fun doesn’t have a curfew, but nightclubs do. As the digital clock display begins to inch towards 04:00AM, the wild fun crowd on the dance floor hits its peak craziness and begins to fizz out, gradually and visibly thinning out until it’s obvious that the party’s over. For most revellers it’d be time to head home, but you and your mates are still going strong off the fumes of that last round of tequila shots. What can you do when you’re still down to party but the dance floor’s empty? Fear not, good sirs; as long as you’re conscious and sober enough to safely navigate the moonlit streets of Singapore, there are plenty of post-clubbing adventures to be had in the regions around our hottest nightclubs.

Here are a couple of ideas for post-clubbing adventures with your clubbing buddies until the sun rises.

Early Breakfast

dim sum

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First up on our list of post-clubbing adventures: The clubs are closed, the drinks are finished and there’s nothing to look forward to except to the inevitable hangover, right? Wrong! The beauty of 24-hour coffee shops is that there’s always supper or an early breakfast to be enjoyed after the intense cardio you did when you were busting a move on the dance floor.

If you’re at Clarke Quay, take one of the many cabs lined up outside the clubs to the nearest 24-hour coffee shop so you and your wallet can recover from that night’s damage. If your friends are up for it, you can continue chilling and chatting with them until morning. Some of the most honest, open conversations I’ve ever had were in the wee hours before the sun rises, eating dim sum with my buddies after an exhilarating nights’ out. When the night’s over, you’ll all be a little closer to each other.

Of course, coffee shops aren’t the only 24-hour option. If you’re waiting for the first train to arrive, there tend to be fast food joints in the vicinity of the station. If they happen to be open 24/7, these outlets are your best options at a nice, greasy hangover-preventing meal (Top 5 Cures for Hangovers) and a cup of coffee to sober up before you hop onto public transportation. You could even use the free Wifi (if they have it) to look up when the first train or bus arrives at your stop. Do be polite with the staff; they’ve got enough problems during the graveyard shift without having to deal with rude drunk people. Instead, be happy buzzed people and enjoy each other’s company for the rest of the night.


A Dusk-to-Dawn Tour of Singapore Town


Ever wanted to wander through Singapore when nobody’s awake? If you’re waiting for public transportation to get moving again, you and your mates have the lion’s den of possible bus stops and MRT stations to choose from in the vicinity of your club. Why not explore town a little while you’re at it? You might be used to seeing Singaporean mainstays like the National Gallery, the Singapore Arts Museum and the Padang when it basks in the sunlight, bustling with people, but how often do you see them under the cover of night, without the crowds milling about? As long as you a) have your phone’s Maps application to guide you home and b) are sober enough steer clear of late-night traffic, this is a unique opportunity to see the heart of the Lion City while it slumbers. You can’t wander around Singapore at 4 AM every other week, but you can do it tonight.


An Adventure through Fort Canning Park


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This idea is for revellers clear-headed enough to navigate the winding paths and many steps of Fort Canning Park in the dark. If you’ve been clubbing in the Clarke Quay area and all your friends are feeling up for a walk, you can always take the scenic route to Dhoby Ghaut MRT by embarking on an eerily beautiful trek through one of Singapore’s oldest monuments to our colonial history and the war that ended it. Meeker clubbers might want to bring along brave friends to protect them from things that go bump in the dark. Follow the path and the signs and you’ll pass the Old Christian Cemetery, Maritime Corner, Parit Singapura and the Sally Port before ending up outside Dhoby Ghaut MRT. I’d recommend avoiding poorly-lit paths and overtly taxing inclines if you’re too inebriated to walk straight, but if you’re just buzzed enough to appreciate the sights, a stroll through Fort Canning as the sun slowly creeps into the sky is a night to remember.

These post-clubbing adventures ideas are for those still in possession of all their faculties by the end of the night. We would caution against embarking on any of these quests if you’re too currently drunk to identify the road from the pavement or a tree from a really tall, buff guy. Hop into a cab and zip on home, buddy. You can always experience this unseen side of Singapore another night.

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