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Pairing Wine with Food

pairing wine with food

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Pairing wine with food seems like a daunting task for all of us who are not trained as sommeliers who recognise the subtle hints in the food and wines and know how to match the flavours. Wine pairing seems so intricate like an art that we cannot master. But a good pairing of wine and foods is pleasurable and is something that we want to achieve when dining.

Pairing is in fact not that difficult and like every beginner to a new skill, there are several tips to follow to get you started

1. Dominance is key

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Not so much about the key ingredients in the dish but the method of cooking which leads to the dominant flavour of the dish. For example, you can use chicken for many dishes, take Tandoori Chicken versus Chicken Cordon Bleu – their flavours are miles apart! Do not just blindly follow the pairing “rule” of “red with red and white with white” as it is the dominant flavour that gives the dish its taste and that is what you should be matching your wine to.

2. Sugar and Spice

sugar and spice

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Just because a wine has a hint of sweetness, do not lay it off and deem it unfit for consumption. With the rise of the Asian cuisines which are often spicy due to capsaicin – sweet wines are the best for balancing off the spice on your tongue. Do not serve a spicy dish with a high alcohol and tannin-heavy wine as these elements do not mix and will only serve to intensify the situation for you and your guests.

3. Sweet and Sweeter

sweet taste

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The wine has to be sweeter than the dessert in the pairing because if they are not, the dessert will strip out the sweetness of the wine, making it taste sharper and sourer.  The sweetness needs to be adequately balanced so that no one element in the meal will outshine the other.

4. Opposites Attract

opposite attract

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Sweetness goes with saltiness and sourness – contrasting flavours bring out the best in each other so while birds of a feather flock together, don’t forget that opposites attract as well. Remember that you want the wine and the dish to complement each other and now outdo each other.

5. Bubbly goes with anything

bubbly drink

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6. Tannins need their fat

fatty food

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Tannins are the astringent components in wines that give wines their structures and is what gives you that bitter feeling at the back of your throat when you drink wine. If you have a wine that has high tannin, pair it with a dish that has more fats such as pork belly for example to counter balance that tannin and give the wine a smoother feel to it.

7. Acid need acid

wine acidity

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A wine of high acidity goes with a dish of high acidity. The acidity in the wine will aid in bringing out the citrus notes in the dish and increase its flavour.

8. She Aint Heavy

light dishes

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Light and delicate wines go with light and delicate dishes and vice versa for heavier wines and dishes. Compare the weights of the wines and foods and pair them accordingly. The weights of the wines can also be used as a guideline in deciding the order of opening bottles – start light and end heavy.

9. There are no Rules

enjoy your food

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Follow your own preferences and quirks in pairing wine with food. Don’t fret so much about getting the perfect pairing because it all boils down to your own personal preferences. Just pop open the bottle and enjoy your meal!

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