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Nineteen ways to say CHEERS


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We all know the English phrases when drinking with friends – “Cheers! Bottoms up!” The clinking of glasses along with such phrases make for a good time out with friends and is symbolic of the friendships. Learn to say cheers in nineteen other languages so as to make new friends from all over the world when travelling! Nothing like cementing a friendship with your new pal’s mother tongue. Here are nineteen ways to say CHEERS:

  1. Korean– 건배

Pronunciation: Gun bae
Meaning: Toast!


  1. Japanese– 乾杯

Pronunciation: Kan-pie
Meaning: Empty the glass!


  1. Chinese – 干杯

Pronunciation: Gan bay
Meaning: Empty cup


  1. Afrikaans – Gesondheid

Pronunciation: Ge-sund-hate
Meaning: Health


  1. German – Prost / Zum Wohl

Pronunciation: Prohst / Tsum Vohl
Meaning: Cheers / To your health


  1. French – Santé / À votre santé!

Pronunciation: Sahn-tay / Ah la vo-tre sahn-tay
Meaning: To your health!


  1. Swedish – Skål

Pronunciation: Skawl
Meaning: Cheers


  1. Thai – เอ้าชน / ชนแก้ว

Pronunciation: Ao chon / chon giao
Meaning: crash / crash the glass


  1. Vietnamese –Một hai ba, yo

Pronunciation: Moat hi bah yo
Meaning: 1, 2, 3, yo!


  1. Dutch – Proost

Pronunciation: Prohst
Meaning: Cheers


  1. Russian – За здоровье

Pronunciation: za zdarovje
Meaning: To health!


  1. Spanish – Salud!

Pronunciation: Sah-lud
Meaning: Health!


  1. Filipino – Kampay!

Pronunciation: Kahm-pay
Meaning: Cheers


  1. Italian – Cin cin

Pronunciation: Chin chin
Meaning: Wait for it!


  1. Hawaiian – Å’kålè ma’luna

Pronunciation: Okole maluna
Meaning: Bottoms up


  1. Burmese – Aung Myin Par Say

Pronunciation: Ong my-in pahr say
Meaning: Cheers


  1. New Zealand – Scull!

Pronunciation: Skull
Meaning: Drink everything!


  1. Danish – Skål

Pronunciation: Skohl
Meaning: Bowl


  1. Greek – γεια μας

Pronunciation: Yah-mahss
Meaning: To our health


Try out these nineteen ways to say cheers and remember to use them when drinking with friends from other countries! You are sure to impress your friends!

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