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Most Popular Chinese Beers 2018

Most Popular Chinese Beers

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We all know that China has an extremely rich culture of drinking and appreciating tea but do you know that drinking beer in China also dates back a few thousand years? Check out the most popular Chinese beers that exist now and try them out for yourselves to see if they are worth the hype.

Below are some of the most popular Chinese beers:

Snow Beer

snow beer

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Snow Beer is the most sold beer in the world and is produced by the largest beer manufacturer in China, CR Snow.  Despite its first place ranking, many might not have heard of Snow Beer because its largest market which is the sole reason for its ranking is China. If you don’t live in China, chances are that you have never heard of Snow Beer as compared to its more famous counterpart, Tsingtao Beer.


Tsingtao Beer

tsingdao beer

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Tsingtao Beer is synonymous with Chinese beer. Say Chinese beer and the brand that pops up into your head is probably Tsingtao. With its aggressive advertising, Tsingtao is easily the most famous Chinese beer that can be found internationally. Interestingly, although Tsingtao beer can now be classified as a Chinese beer, its roots are international as it was founded by German settlers.


Yanjing Beer

yanjing beer

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Brewed by Beijing Yanjing Brewery, Yanjing Beer was designated as the official beer to be served at state banquets in the Great Hall of the People in February 1995. Otherwise also known as the state beer of China. What an honour! It was also the official beer sponsor of the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing, no wonder its one of the most popular Chinese beers! 


Harbin Beer

harbin beer

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Brewed by China’s fourth largest brewery, Harbin Brewery, Harbin Beer is more popular in Northeast China. Its distinctive European flavour comes from the fact that it was started by a German citizen of Polish origins. This has enabled it to enter into the European markets. One interesting fact about Harbin Brewery is that it was the first company to brew beer with corn instead of rice due to the famine.


Pearlriver Beer

pearl river beer

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Produced in Guangzhou, the Pearlriver Beer is named after the Pearl River, otherwise known as Zhujiang River. This beer is brewed from the water taken from its namesake, obviously before pollution hits it. The fresh spring water guarantees its freshness and quality, making it an easy beer to palette.

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