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International Hangover Cures found in Singapore

Let’s say you’ve woken up with the mother of all migraines after a night of hard drinking at Holland Village. If you’ve enough wits about you to seek out hangover remedies online, this is the article for you, buddy. As we all know, local hangover-curbing techniques can range from having cup of kopi and a hearty serving of Prata at the nearest coffee shop to doing your very best to finish several glasses of water before retching in the nearest bathroom (and yes, I’m aware that these aren’t mutually exclusive options). While there’s nothing wrong with the old classics, perhaps we could take a page out of our international neighbours’ book and sample some of their traditional hangover remedies.

Singapore is a nation built upon the harmonious amalgamating of diverse cultures, so in that spirit, we’ve collected several international hangover cures from all around the globe which also happens to be just an Uber away from your HDB abode.


Haejang-guk (Korea)

korean hangover soup

Credits: Pixabay

First up on our list of international hangover cures, hangover soup from the land of Soju! If your unhealthy addiction to K-Drama has taught you nothing, it’s that the best cure for hangovers according to our dreamy protagonists and their curmudgeonly-but-wise mothers-in-law is a huge serving of haejang-guk, a beef broth generously topped with meat, napa cabbage, vegetables and egg. These dishes are readily available at numerous Korean outlets, so if you got totally hammered off their soju last night, a return trip to nurse your hangover isn’t the worst idea in the world.


Youtiao with congee (China)

congee with dough fritters

Credits: Sina Blog

You don’t have to venture much further from the neighbourhood coffee shop to find a bowl of congee with a portion of youtiao. Famous among young partygoers hailing from the likes of Shanghai and Beijing as a post-clubbing snack, revellers here don’t need much convincing that a good bowl of congee with a side of fried doughy goodness can clear your throbbing temple and breathe new life into your soul.


Espresso (Italy)

coffee machine

Credits: Pexels

Make it a double shot of espresso if you’re feeling particularly hung over. The Italians swear by this technique of doubling down on caffeine and it’s gained significant popularity abroad, including on this island nation (we even listed this method down on our list of  Top 5 Hangover Cures). The great thing about this remedy is that a good espresso can be found at any coffee joint in the nearest mall, so you’re never too far from a tried and tested cure to your post-party ails.


Pickled Herring (Germany)

Pickled Herring

Credits: Pixabay

Talk about one unique international hangover cure this is. This dish is a little harder to track down, but it’s a centuries-old traditional European cure for hangovers and if it works for you, it could be well worth the effort. Try European restaurants or pick the closer Swedish-inspired IKEA outlet for a taste of this electrolyte-rich hangover buster.


Poutine (Canada)


Credits: Toutiao ABC

If the taste of pickled herring is too strong for your conservative taste buds, try the Canadian cure for hangovers and bad days – a heaping of French fries, gravy and cheese curds. This dish is a little esoterically Canadian so you’ll have to search up the best places for it in Singapore, but once you’ve found a good place you won’t regret the trip. Any drinker will tell you that oily food hardly fails as a hangover cure, and poutine is definitely one of the better options out there.

Remember to drink responsibly but if you happen to overdo it, don’t forget to try out these top international hangover cures.