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Interesting Korean Cocktails to Try Out!

Interesting Korean Cocktails

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Soju, Makgeolli… We all heard of these alcohols but did you know that instead of just drinking them alone or on the rocks, they can be used to make interesting Korean cocktails too?

Watermelon Soju



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A classic combination that never fails to impress. This takes a bit of work because you have to scoop out all the flesh of the watermelon in order to blend it with the soju. The work will be worth it because this drink will definitely impressed when you serve it to guests in a carved out watermelon shell! Refreshing and boozy – watermelon soju is definitely a crowd favourite.

Yogurt Soju


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With the recently yogurt (or yakult as we know it) flavoured snacks from Korea being a trend here – why not try out Yogurt Soju? One of the pioneering items when having yogurt flavoured food items. Made simply with three ingredients – Yakult, soju and Chilsung Cider (refer to our three part series on How to drink like the Koreans here!)

Yuja Champagne Cocktail

Yuja champagne cocktail

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Yuja, the Korean citron fruit, has a zingy tart flavor that combines elements of mandarin oranges, lemons and grapefruits. Although yuja chung, the Korean yuzu marmalade, is traditionally used for making hot tea, when mixed in with champagne forms a brilliantly flavoured cocktail! Enjoy the vivid citrus tones that it brings about.

Soju Mojito


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Simply replace the rum in the mojito with soju and you get a Soju Mojito which has a lighter taste than that of a regular mojito due to the clarity and ABV of soju. For an additional Korean spin, add some yuja in for more citrus notes!

Makgeolli Daiquiri


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Add frozen makgeolli into what you usually use to make a frozen strawberry daiquiri and blend away! The makgeolli definitely adds an extra dimension of flavours into the cocktail. It makes the daiquiri more creamy and smooth with its texture and flavour. Definitely a must-try!

Try out these interesting Korean Cocktails at home while watching your favourite Korean drama today!

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