How to drink like the Koreans - Korean drink combinations and more!

How to drink like the Koreans? Part II

This is what you were waiting for! Part II of how to drink like the Koreans. Just like in the West, there are many different Korean drink combinations in Korea. The Koreans love taking things up a notch by mixing up all their favourite alcohols and creating their very own Korean drink combinations that are out of this world. Before you continue on to Part II, do remember to read Part I for the basics of drinking like the Koreans!

Refreshing your memories a bit, Soju is Korean distilled rice wine, Maek-ju is Korean beer and Makgolli is Korean fermented rice wine. An additional drink you need to know for this section here is the Korean cider which is essentially Sprite or 7-Up.


Pok-tan-ju (Soju Bomb)

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Made by lining up the beer cups and stacking soju cups on time – push the first soju glass off for it to fall into the cup of beer and watch the rest of the soju glasses fall into the beers with a domino effect! Often done at bars and clubs due to its entertainment factor, many enjoy watching the thrill of the Pok-tan-ju which definitely adds more fun to the night out.


So-maek (Soju + Maek-Ju)

So-maek is a classic and is the most popular Korean alcohol combination by far. The maek-ju helps soften the harsh taste of the soju and the soju adds a mildly sweet flavour to the maek-ju. The golden combination of soju and maek-ju is said to be 3:7 and a Korean businessman even came up with a cup with measurements for people to make different levels of intensities of so-maek. But if that’s too much of a hassle for you, simply add a shot of soju into your beer and there you have it, so-maek!


Go-jing-ma-rae (Cola + Maek-ju + Soju)

soju beer and cola

Otherwise known as So-maek-co because it is a combination of Soju, Maek-ju and Cola, this is one sweet yet potent drink! Its name means “from bitter to sweet” due to the starting tastes of the drink being the alcohol and ending with the sweetness of the cola. Follow the steps in our infographic to make your own Go-jing-ma-rae! Do take note when you are drinking this however, because the sweetness in the drink might cause you to forget how much alcohol you are actually consuming.


Mak-so-sa (Makgeolli + Soju + Cider)

Mak-so-sa is a combination of makgeolli, soju and cider! A sweet combination, this drink is sure to be one that is easily palatable. One of the more uncommon mixes but still a classic drink to try out at the makgeolli bars! Don’t forget to order some jeon (Korean pancakes) to go with your makgeolli!


Chi-maek (Chicken + Maek-ju)

Chi Maek

Credits: Ohay

Not a Korean drink combination but an extremely popular food and alcohol combination! Made popular by the drama My Love from the Stars where Cheon Songyi loved ordering Chimaek, this has fast become popular outside of Korea. The greasy friend chicken just pairs so well with the fizzy light Korean beer! Try out chimaek and be blown away.

Don’t forget to try out these popular Korean drink combinations with your chingus! Stay tuned for the last article in our three-part series of How to drink like the Koreans!

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