How to drink like the Koreans - Korean drinking games and hangover cures

How to drink like the Koreans? Part III


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What’s drinking without games? Here are some Korean drinking games which will make your night out a million times more fun and exciting! Learn some new games and have fun like how the Koreans do it!


The Titanic sank and that’s the whole concept behind this game! Feel a glass halfway with beer and place a shot glass inside such that it floats. Everyone around the table then takes turns to fill the shot glass with soju without making it sink. The person who makes the shot glass sink is the loser and has to drink the concoction which is none other than somaek!

Soju Cap Flicking

You will need an intact soju bottle cap for this game. To begin, twist the cap off the bottle and leave the tamper band attached. Then, each person takes turns flicking the band with the last person to flick it before flying off being the winner.  Everyone else must drink.

Baskin Robbin 31

The objective here is to avoid being the last one who says “31.” Starting with 1, players count off in ascending order—each person can decide to say one (“2”), two (“2, 3”) or three (“2, 3, 4”) sequential numbers. You have to be strategic to avoid getting close to “31”. Whoever gets stuck with having to say 31 loses and has to drink.

I Love You

With everyone seated around a table, the first player starts by saying “I love you” to the person on his/her left in the cringiest and cheesiest way. If the person laughs, that person has to drink but if the person doesn’t, he/she has to continue the game by saying “I love you” to the person on his/her left and it goes on!

Image Game

Basically the first person starts describing an image, eg. “Most popular among girls/boys”. After that, everyone points at the person whom they think fits the “image” the most. The person who gets the most votes has to drink.

Finishing off, after all that massive drinking due to the Korean drinking games, you think you might just have a hangover the next day but fret not – the Koreans have many ways to deal with a hangover. These hangover cures are not only easily accessible and available at many places, most of them are delicious as well!

Hangover Ice Cream

hangover ice cream

Credits: Clincek

Gyeondyo-bar is a grapefruit flavoured ice cream bar with oriental raisin tree fruit juice. The raisin juice is known to be a hangover cure and there is, in fact, an oriental raisin tree fruit juice drink available as well. It has been considered a Korean hangover treatment since the 1600s when it was listed in a history medical book.


Haejang-guk AKA Hangover Soup

hangover soup

Credits: EatYourBooks

While many kinds of soups can be hangover soups in Korea, when people talk about Haejang-guk, they are usually referring to one specific kind. A thick, spicy, greasy and hearty soup made from ox bone broth with soybean paste, bean sprouts, white radish and green onions. This soup helps to alleviate the after-effects of the heavy drinking the night before when drunk in the morning. Other soups that can be drunk as hangover soup include galbi-tang (beef short ribs soup) and kongnamul-guk (Beansprouts soup). Hangover soups help to facilitate rehydration and energy recovery through the loaded ingredients in it!


Recovery Drinks

recovery drinks

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These drinks are easily found off the shelves of convenience stores in Korea. Chock full of antioxidants and vitamins, these drinks revitalise you after a whole night of drinking. The drinks also claim to help detoxify your body from all the toxins as well as boost liver functions.

That’s the end of our three-part series! Hope that you learnt how to drink like the Koreans by learning to play some Korean drinking games and how to tackle that hangover the next day. Do refer to Part I and Part II as well!

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