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How to Avoid a Hangover Tonight

A 12 Hour, 6 Step Guide to avoid a hangover

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Want to party hard this weekend without waking up to excessively bright lights, your stomach doing flips and the migraine equivalent of a thousand blaring klaxons in your skull? A simple solution might be to drink less or prepare more. We might be able to help with that.

Let’s be honest here, the only way to completely getting hungover is to not drink at all. Despite all time and effort that’s gone into trying to solve the problem of hangovers, scientists haven’t actually come up with a cut-and-dry, hundred per cent effective methodology for stopping your body’s post-party punishment. But don’t worry, experts (and regular partygoers) have discovered several tried-and-true techniques that you can try out for yourself. You can even start planning about how to mitigate the damage the night before! This is a Boozez 6 Step Solution to avoid a hangover over 12 hours.

Here’s what you can do to avoid a hangover…

Twelve Hours Before:

Step One: Rest Up

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Hangovers can be attributed to a variety of causes, none of which have been concretely proven by experts, but it is almost universally acknowledged that getting enough rest will help increase your body’s robustness, imbuing it with additional strength to stave off the symptoms of inebriation and subsequently, hangovers. You shouldn’t be spending the night before your night out binge-watching reruns of Friends, you should be resting in bed in anticipation of hanging out with your actual friends. Sleep tight! That is step one in how to avoid a hangover!


Three Hours Before:

Step Two: Stock Up

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As you know from our article (Top Five Hangover Cures), there are numerous hangover remedies out there that you can get in anticipation of tomorrow’s headache. It’s time to stock your pantries with some of the greasy foods, sports drinks and coffee you might need to nurse your hypothetical hang over the next day, as well as the ingredients you’ll be using now to prevent that hangover from ever happening.


One Hour Before:

Step Three: Eat Up and Drink Up

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We know that you don’t want to look bloated before you meet your friends, but you’re going to have to forgo the salad today for something with a bit more carbs, protein, and fats. Research has shown that the heavier your meal prior to drinking, the less susceptible you are to the effects of alcohol. So for the sake of your body twelve hours from now, swap out that Caesar’s salad for a sinfully rich burger and fries, or maybe a sumptuous bowl of noodles (Top 5 Dishes to Pair With Your Drinks) for ideas.

Hangovers have also been linked to your body dehydrating, causing symptoms such as that migraine drilling into your school. To combat this, remember to hydrate thoroughly before you enter the club with water and sports drinks, which contain the electrolytes necessary to replenish the ones you’ll be losing soon. Bottles up, folks – just not the bottles containing alcohol, yet.


While You’re Drinking…

Step Four: Speak Up and Step Up

speak up and step up

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You’ve arrived at your destination! There’s a bottle in everyone’s hand and you’re certain that before the next ten minutes are up you’ll all be getting another round. If you don’t want to get too wasted tonight, curb that urge to top up that wine glass or get that one more pint by engaging your mates in scintillating conversation. Ask them about their day, their families and their work and dazzle them with elaborate anecdotes of your own. If you’re at a party or a club, get everyone up and dancing with you to work that booze out of everyone’s systems.

The more occupied you are with other activities, the lesser you’ll end up drinking. The lesser you drink, the better your chances are at waking up fresh as a daisy tomorrow. So don’t just sit there sipping your drink; speak up or just bust a move.


Step Five: Don’t Light Up

dont light up

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Thinking of smoking a cigarette or two at the party over beers? Don’t! Obvious health detriments aside, cigarettes create an endorphin rush which, when combined with the high created by alcohol consumption, leads to an epically insane state of intoxication that’ll keep you reaching for drink after drink until you’re passed out on the floor, just waiting to wake up with the mother of all hangovers.


After You’re Home:

Step Six: Rest Up (Again)


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Go to bed right away. As we mentioned in Step One, sleep is essential to let your body heal up after a night of boozing, so instead of checking your phone or making yourself a snack, clean up and plop down on your bed to embrace the sweet sensation of sleep. Oh, and remember to remove your makeup! Trust me, you won’t regret it in the morning.

We hope that most of you try to avoid a hangover! For more cool contents, check out!