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How is beer made?

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Beer – the elixir of life! I am joking but beer is more or less everyone’s go to for a drink because it is so easily available at affordable prices. Have you ever wondered how is beer made? Starting with four basic ingredients: barley, water, hops and yeast, brewing explained simply is to extract sugars from the grain so that the yeast can turn it into alcohol and carbon dioxide, creating beer. This short article explains simply the process of brewing beer so that you can know how is beer made.

  1. Malting

Barley grains are harvested and go through heating, drying and cracking which is collectively known as malting. This is to prepare the grains for the next step by breaking down the grain kernels in order to facilitate the extraction of sugars.

  1. Mashing

The grist (which are the grains that have went through malting) are then steeped in hot water so that the enzymes in the grain are released and are activated to break down the starch to sugars. Brewers then separate the liquid from the grain husks and the liquid that is full of sugars is known as wort.

  1. Boiling

The wort is boiled for an hour or so before hops and other spices are added. Now what are hops you might be wondering? Hop plants are climbing vines (more accurately, bines: vines without tendrils). The plant part used in brewing beer is the hop flower, a delicate, pale green, papery cone full of perishable resins. They give a beer bitterness when used early in the brewing process, and aroma when added at the end. As a bonus, hops are a preservative, and extend the life of beer. …

  1. Fermentation

The wort is then cooled and filtered so that yeast can be added to it. Through a chemical process which happens over an extended period of time, yeast transforms the sugary wort into beer by consuming sugars and releasing alcohol and carbon dioxide.

  1. Bottling & Ageing

The beer is then left to mature so that its full flavours can develop before it is filtered and carbonated to be ready for bottling.

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