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Fun Facts about Oktoberfest


The biggest beer fest held annually in Munich, Germany. If you are a true beer lover, you would have heard of Oktoberfest! Here are some fun facts about the event that we all love!

It has a history of 208 years!

It started off as a celebration for the wedding between King Ludwig and Princess Therese in 1810.


More than 7 million litres of beer was consumed in 2017.

The record was 7.5 million litres to be exact!


People have lost more than 4000 items at Oktoberfest.

Lost & found items include dentures, Viking helmets and even children. The fest is really for people of all ages!


Red Cross is always on standby.

There are 15 beds for people who are intoxicated and more than 7000 seek medical attention every year.


The drinking does not start until the Mayor says so.

Since 1950, the festival has only started after the official gun salute and the mayor shouting “O’ zapft is!” (“It’s tapped!”) and offering the first mug to the Minister-President of the State of Bavaria.


Beers at Oktoberfest have to hit the purity standards in Munich.

Only beers produced in Munich are allowed to be drunk at Oktoberfest so as to ensure that the festival remains a Munich event. The Munich beers also have to be approved under the edict of Purity.


People have been banned. 

Paris Hilton was banned when she promoted wine in 2006 whilst donning a traditional Bavarian dress. The locals weren’t happy about her profit-making schemes!


Despite its name, it starts in September. 

Oktoberfest used to start in October wayyy back in the past but when its start got pushed forward to September so that warmer weather would facilitate attendance.


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