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Floral Cocktails for the Seasons

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Its spring time and what better combination is there than alcohol and flowers! It’s like the best of both worlds having both together. Here are some floral cocktails to try out for when you’re feeling fancy or just feeling some spring vibes.


Sakura Martini


Sakuras, otherwise known as cherry blossoms, are the epitome of spring. The base of the Sakura Martini is a sake-tini and by adding a sweet maraschino liqueur and salted cherry blossoms. If there was a flavour to spring, this would be it!


Hibiscus Highball


This cocktail screams summer! Refreshing and fruity with floral notes. Made with brewed hibiscus tea and ginger tea, this cocktail is garnished with citrus fruits like lemon or grapefruit and sprigs of mint. Add an alcohol of your choice – gin, vodka or white rum!


Elderflower Old Fashioned


Someone once said that elderflower makes anything better. The Elderflower Old Fashioned combines the basic base with elderflower syrup, giving the drink hints of elderflower notes. This is an easy drink to whip up and never fails. This will definitely refresh you up in summer!


Lavender Paloma


With notes of lavender and grapefruit, this drink welcomes you into fall! Who says fall is all about pumpkin spice? Lavender fans rejoice because fall is perfect to enjoy lavender as well! The mescal pairs well with the lavender. This is a drink that’s smoky, bright and floral all at the same time, no wonder it is one of the best floral cocktails for fall!



crème de violette

This classic cocktail uses the little-known crème de violette paired with maraschino liqueur and lemon juice. Crème de violette is used lesser now but its flavor is out of this world and transports you elsewhere. With its violet hues and garnished with a tiny violet, this is one sophisticated, pretty and delicious floral cocktail that is perfect for fall!


Chamomile Infused Wine


Soothing to the body, this chamomile infused wine is perfect for the winter! Imagine yourself sipping on this next to the fireplace, a perfect combination for the cold!

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