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Five Worst Things To Drunkenly Do on Your Phone

Man, I miss the days when you had to stumble all the way home before you could drunkenly call somebody from a landline. Nowadays, when we go drinking we bring along a miniature marvel of human innovation, the very epitome of communications technology, and we use it to systematically ruin our lives bit by bit by the time the sun rises.

We here at the Boozez bullpen have gathered to compile a list of the worst things to drunkenly do you could do on that sleek little devil box you call a “smartphone”.

  1. Text an ex

text an ex

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There’s nothing as mortifying as seductively texting an ex. Or an angrily texting an ex. Or desperately texting an ex. Or just texting an ex. Delete his/her number, guys.


  1. Buy something

buy something

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This is a bad time to go onto Carousel and negotiate the best possible deal for a top tier musical instrument that you don’t play. Also, you don’t want to buy two hundred dollars’ worth of Naruto themed slippers from eBay.


  1. Insult your boss

insult your boss

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He is actually the boss, so best not to passive aggressively text “Ur ntt the boss of me” when he reminds you that you have an important presentation due on Tuesday. Keep your drunk self in check or you’ll soon be picking up your severance check.


  1. Make commitments

make commitments

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When your friend asks if you could help with her project tomorrow, please don’t say yes and because you’ll oversleep/be too hungover to move for the next 24 hours/completely forget about it/all of the above which makes you seem like a massive jerk afterwards. Remind your drunk self not to make promises your sober self can’t keep.


  1. Lose It

Lose it

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Your entire life is in that phone. Your contacts, your notes, your banking app and all your cute selfies. Thank goodness you haven’t drunkenly dropped it in the toilet or flung it out your hand mid-dab… or have you? Better check your pockets again, fellas. How else are you going to access your BOOZEZ page to plan your next night out? Make sure not to attempt any of these five worst things to drunkenly do fellas! Don’t throw caution to the wind!

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