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Eight Interesting Facts about Apple Cider

interesting facts about apple cider

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Apple cider is the go-to drink for many of us when we want a sweet and alcoholic pick me up while out for a drink! It is a drink with a rich history so read on to find out some interesting facts about apple cider!

Here are eight interesting facts about apple cider which you might not have known.

  1. Apple Cider in the US refers to raw unfiltered apple juice that is not alcoholic. The alcoholic apple cider that we all know is called hard cider in America! Confusing? Yes.


  1. Back in the past, children were said to have been bathed in cider and not water because cider was cleaner than water! Makes you want to be a kid in the past huh? Getting to bathe in cider sounds like a dream come true.


  1. It takes 36 apples to make a gallon of apple cider and there are specific types of apples to be used. Culinary apples, crabapples or cider apples are used to give cider its distinctive notes.


  1. There’s an even boozier version of apple cider – Applejack. It’s almost like a concentrated version of cider!


  1. Cider makers have a practice called wassailing – reciting incantations and singing to apple trees to please the deities guarding them. This was done to ensure that the harvest was of top quality so that the apples could be used to make cider.


  1. Because apple cider contains apple juice, it contains antioxidants as well! This means that drinking it has benefits to health but at the same time, cider is still high in sugar content so do drink in moderation!


  1. Purists believe that cider refers only to those made with apples and not the modern ciders like pear ciders or berry ciders as many beverage makers are selling now.


  1. Pilgrims who went to America drank more cider than water because it was supposed to be safer than drinking water. Imagine that now!


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