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Drinks for each day of the week

Check out these drinks for each day of the week to spice up your day and chase away those Monday and midweek blues from school or work!


blue hawaii cocktail

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Got the Monday blues? Try the Blue Hawaii cocktail which might just take away some of the blues with its taste of the tropics. Made with citrus, coconut, rum and fruity goodness – this cocktail is a sure winner on Mondays! As you sip this pretty cocktail, let your imagination run wild and soak up the sun in the Tropics!


gin and tonic

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A classic gin and tonic never fails as a drink option but if that is too boring for you – take your gin and tonic up one notch by adding cucumber and elderflower to it! These cool notes will definitely be a refreshing charge.


americano cocktail

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Happy Hump Day yall! It is finally the middle of the work week. Instead of your usual coffee Americano, go for the Americano cocktail as a midweek booster! Definitely a whole different world from that black fuel you down every day in order to survive the week.


long island iced tea

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Need a drink to tide you over the week? Go for the Long Island Iced Tea! Don’t be fooled by its unassuming name, this baby is one strong drink and will definitely let you drown all your sorrows away!


orgasm cocktail

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TGIF! It is finally the end of the week. Here is one naughty cocktail you can try out – the Orgasm. Amaretto, Kahlua and Baileys on the rocks, this is a combi that will definitely rock!


bloody mary

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You need something exciting for a Saturday and a Bloody Mary is just that. With many variations and exploding flavours in this cocktail – Bloody Mary never fails to surprise with its myriad of ingredients and notes.


champagne cocktail

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Some bubbly never hurts. Champagne is always a good idea, especially in celebration of the weekend. Besides, many Sunday brunches often offer free flow champagne alongside their buffets. Champagne cocktails are also another fun option!

Don’t forget to try out these drinks for each day of the week and for more cool contents, check out Boozez!