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Cocktails according to the Infinity Stones

Infinity Stones

We all know the infinity stones from Avengers: Infinity Wars. Mind, Power, Reality, Soul, Space and Time. Each stone represents something different and together, create something extremely powerful.


Power Gem – Purple Haze

purple haze cocktails

Credits: OnlyFoods

The Power Stone grants unlimited strength and energy manipulation – exactly why it is able to fuel the other infinity stones. The Purple Haze shooter is made with grape and peach schnapps and rum – this is one tasty shooter that will definitely grant you strength.


Mind Gem – French 75

french 75

Credits: GW2

The Mind Stone bestows limitless telepathic and telekinetic power. The French 75 is a cocktail made with gin and champagne and is named after the French 75 field gun as the strength of the drink is said to be as powerful as its gunshot. Similar to the Mind Stone, the French 75 cocktail is immensely strong and potent.


Soul Gem – Agent Orange

Agent orange

Credits: Vietcetera

The Soul Stone can alter an individual’s core personality and access the collective unconscious and confer souls to a peaceful Soulworld dimension. This Agent Orange cocktail’s namesake matches the Soul Stone whereby the chemical alters people. Something extremely destructive, this is something not to be trifled with.


Space Gem – Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Credits: Pexels

The Space Stone eliminates distance through teleportation and manipulation of space. Just like the Space Stone, the Blue Lagoon transports you to islands all over the world just through one sip. Believe it or not, try it for yourself!


Time Gem – The Last Word

the last word

Credits: WineFine

The Time Stone enables time travel, the freezing of time and manipulation of age. When used in conjunction with other stone, it can alter the past. A cocktail which dates back to the Prohibition Era, this cocktail shines a faint green. This Cocktail truly embalms the strength of the Time Gem as it has survived for so long and was brought back from the past.


Reality Gem – Bloody Mary

bloody mary

Credits: Evropa

The Reality Stone can rewrite existence and alter reality but doing so without the other Infinity Stones posts an immense risk and danger. Similarly, the explosion of heat and flavours in Bloody Mary might alter your reality.

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