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Grow Your Own Cocktail Garden!

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Calling all the cocktails lovers with green fingers! Put on those gardening gloves because we’ve got a fun project for you right here at Boozez. You don’t need a large space as we all are well aware of the lack of space in Singapore – just a sizable pot, and you will soon be able to pick the herbs to whip up some cocktails at home from your very own cocktail garden!


Here are some starter tips to start your cocktail garden:


aerial gardeningwall gardening

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If you don’t have enough floor space for a garden, consider aerial or vertical gardening! Hang your plants from the ceiling or hang it off the wall. If you aren’t adventurous enough for that, get a nice shelf for your plants but ensure that they are still exposed to sunlight. While not necessary, it is advisable to grow the herbs in different pots as different types of herbs require different environmental conditions. Being in separate pots also aids in air circulation and helps to prevent the spread of diseases.


Water & fertilise

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Just like any beauty routine, growing your own herbs requires constant and routine maintenance. Remember to give your plants adequate water and nutrients for them to grow healthily. You could also add lots of tender loving care into the process for the best results 😉


Ensure that there is sufficient sunlight


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Every plant needs light in order to carry out photosynthesis but diff species require different amounts so do not expose all your plants to the same amount of light! For example, basil, curry and rosemary require full sunlight, while mint only requires partial sunlight.

Those are some tips to get you started! Once you have the basics settled, you can try growing various kinds of herbs! More suitable for the humid and sunny weather here in Singapore are:

Lemongrass – it is citrusy with a lemon flavour, like a mix of lemon and lemon mint. Lemongrass adds a sharp tang and fresh aroma to the drinks it is used in.

Rosemary – the rich, earthy and woody flavour of rosemary adds on a new dimension of flavour to cocktails. Try adding it into your gin and tonic!

Basil – lean sweet, peppery or citrus-y with clove overtones, basil provides a refreshing side to sweet cocktails. Pair it with strawberries!

Mint – a cool and refreshing flavour, muddle it for a delightful minty mojito, freeze it in an ice cube to bring zing to lemonade, or simply use it as a fragrant garnish.

Dill – a fresh, grassy flavour that is often referred to as a combination of fennel, anise and celery, Dill’s flavour is unique but not uncommon – pair it with citrus liqueurs and cucumber for a unique cocktail!

Get seeds or seedlings easily at plant nurseries or even Cold Storage and Ikea! Seedlings are easier to start with for beginners as the plant has already past its germination stage and would definitely require less round-the-clock care. Have fun with your new garden and don’t give up! That’s one tip from the veteran gardeners – to keep on trying!

Enjoy your homemade cocktails with the herbs that you grew yourself in your cocktail garden and don’t forget to check out for more cool content!

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