Clubbing 101: A Guide for Uni Students

Clubbing 101: A Guide for Uni Students

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There are several important parts of university life. This includes learning about your place in the world, being educated in critical thinking and going to that mecca of stressed students – the club. But those who haven’t gone clubbing before might be looking to solve their problem in the classic uni student way – studying! So here’s a primer on things you might want to consider before heading out to the clubs. Clubbing 101 for uni students, here it is!

  • Try getting on the guest list


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First up for Clubbing 101, get into the guest list!

The eternal paradox of being in university is that there’s no better time in your life to party, but being a student also means having a tight budget. We’ll grab at any opportunity to save cash so why not try this shameless method – slide into a DJ’s DMs, gush about how great they are and ask if you could get on the guest list. Surprisingly, this works more often than you’d expect.


  • Cater a van if you have enough people

cater a van

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Universities are hotbeds for clubbers. They’re as ubiquitous as Starbucks coffee cups in a lecture theatre, so there’s no better opportunity to save a few dollars on cab fare and get a van for everyone. Guys fresh out the army are no stranger to this particular stratagem, having to cater vans to fetch them out of remote camps so they can attest to its effectiveness.


  • Pick a Friend to Go Back With

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It’s always a good idea to pick a buddy or two that you can stick with throughout the night, so everyone can look out for each other. What’s even better is when your buddy lives in the same hall as you or is willing to let you crash at their place overnight, so can keep an eye out for one another until you’re both safely in bed.


  • Don’t Bring a Wallet

What you’ll definitely need for your night out is your phone, a bit of cash and some form of identification. But besides those two absolutely essential items, bringing anything else means putting them at unnecessary risk of being lost over the course of the night. You don’t want to know how many stories I’ve heard about people drunkenly throwing their entire wallet out the window of their cab, or waking up somewhere with no wallet or phone. If you drink too much and drunkenly misplace the contents of your pockets, it makes sense to minimize the damage before you head off to the clubs.


  • Pre-Drink on the Cheap

predrink on the cheap

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Instead of buying drinks at the bar or at the club, you could get some duty-free alcohol or some cheap booze and soft drinks from the supermarket. For one, you won’t have to wait for a few songs to pass before the effects of the alcohol hits you because you’d already begun to feel buzzed on the way there. This means that when you walk up into the club you’ll be well and drunk enough to start grooving to the beat almost immediately. In addition, buying a whole bottle and mixing it with orange juice will definitely be cheaper than buying drinks at a bar or the club.

And that concludes our tips for eager young undergrads looking for a smashing night out. As always, know your limits, drink responsibly and remember that you don’t have to go to a club if you don’t want to. For more on Clubbing 101, check out our guide to pre-drinking before clubbing here!