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Cheap Beer in Singapore


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Singapore is infamous for its sky-high prices for alcohol due to high taxes so how do you save some money while drinking? Check out these various places for cheap beer in Singapore.

Local Supermarkets


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Where else should your first stop be other than the supermarket? Buy your beer in the multi packs so as to enjoy more cost savings! And if you are not that particular about the type of beer, go to the less “atas” supermarkets like Sheng Shiong and Fairprice for cheaper prices. Do not head to 7-11 to get your drinks as prices there are marked up due to convenience!




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Duty-free is like shopping haven for Singaporeans due to the cheaper prices of products which are tax-free. Singaporeans travel so often that they stock up on alcohol when they go on trips! Alcohol of many kinds, including beer can be found at much cheaper prices in the airport. The only catch? There is a limit to how much one pax can buy so if you want more, you might have to beg your travel companions to help you out!


alcohol delivery

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Check out for cheap beer in Singapore and speedy deliveries! Prices for beer are almost the same as the supermarkets so if you have are short on time and need the beers to be at your house as soon as possible, try out delivery! Another site to try out is Redmart (which is technically an online supermarket). Redmart carries a wide variety of brands of beers like Little Creatures and more which you can choose from!

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