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Boozy Popsicles for your summer party!


summer party

What time is it? IT’S SUMMERTIME! School’s out and the warm weather hits you – these booze filled ice pops are the perfect thing to cool you down. Especially during one of those poolside summer parties! Here are some refreshing boozy popsicles ideas for the summer!

A basic essential you need to get before you start would be Popsicle moulds! Find them at your local dollar store or supermarket and get ready to make some amazing boozy popsicles this summer.


Peach Bellini Champagne Pop

peach bellini

Credits: Sohu

Imagine bubbly with pureed peaches in an ice pop. What could go wrong? Just remember to maintain a 3:1 juice to alcohol ratio so as to ensure that the consistency of the ice pop doesn’t turn out to be too slushy such that it can’t hold its shape. This boozy popsicle is sure to hit the spot on a warm summery day!


Watermelon Mint Tequila Pop

Watermelon Mint Tequila

Credits: Yandex

A delightful combination – watermelon, mint and tequila. These boozy pops are made with fresh blended watermelons combined with mint, lime, and tequila. These ice pops are refreshing with a boozy kick – a sure fire solution to combat the summer heat and a sure winner with the crowds at your summer party.


Bacon Bloody Mary Pops


Credits: CooksIllustrated

If you are not a fan of bacon, get out. Hahaha kidding. Made with bacon-infused vodka, this ice pop is for all the bacon lovers out there. The bacon infused vodka further expands the flavour explosion of the bloody mary and while a bacon ice pop might sound strange at first, try it and you might be a convert!


Pinot Noir-Infused Blackberry Pops

pinot noir infused blackberry

Credits: Twimap

By infusing Pinot Noir with Blackberry, the sweet, lightly acidic notes of the blackberry puree help to bring out the natural fruit undertones of the Pinot Noir. This pop allows you to enjoy your reds even amidst the heat of summer.


Rosé Sangria

rose sangria

Credits: Livingly

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Who is a fan of Rosé here? This fruity and summer dessert cocktail is made with rosé wine and filled with berries, green apples, and slices of lemon and lime. For additional floral notes, take this Sangria up a notch by adding a little elderflower liquer – this boozy ice pop is sure to be a hit with the ladies.


Roasted Balsamic Strawberry Wine Pop

roasted balsamic strawberry wine

Credits: BLSE

Strawberries roasted in the oven with balsamic vinegar and sugar produce a combination with a flavour that is out of this world. The balsamic brings out and enhances the strawberry flavour and when paired with your favourite wine – produces an energizing mixture that is suitable for an ice pop. Pick this up at the end of the day for a mini-boost!


Cucumber-lime with Gin & Tonic Pop

cucumber and lime mint

Credits: Notey

This ice pop is sure to bring some cool relief on a blazing hot day. Made with gin, tonic water, cucumber and lime, this ice pop mixes up many refreshing flavours, perfect for a summer party. Also, a great way to get some healthy fibres into your digestive system?


French 75 Pops

french 75

Credits: Belmodo

Champagne, gin and lemon juice – three simple ingredients and that’s all you need for this pop. Just like the French 75 Cocktail, this ice pop packs a punch and will definitely give you that high for a summer party.

Enjoy these boozy popsicles this summer and don’t forget to check out for more cool content!