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Drinking Games With Cards – Bluff


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Anyone who’s ever had a casual hang out at a friend’s place over beers will tell you that playing cards and booze go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you’ve ever been starved for ideas on what to do at a house party, there’s nothing like a good drinking game to liven up the mood and cut through the awkwardness. We’ve compiled a list of drinking games you can play with a full deck of cards and a few fatuous fools – uh, I mean eager participants. Let the drinking games begin!

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poker face

A classic of the Chinese New Year season and a mainstay of many of a house party, all this game requires is a deck of cards, copious amounts of alcohol and an amazing poker face.

The goal of this game is to get rid of all the cards in your hand.

Start by shuffling and dealing all the cards amongst the players. It’s alright if some players have more cards than others.

The first player places a card/cards face down and declares how many of the cards he put down and what the value of those cards are (ie. 2 fours, 1 five, 3 Jack etc). All your cards have to be of the same value.

The next person has to put his cards down on top of the first player’s pile in an increasing sequential order. For example, if Person A puts down 2 Aces, Person B has to put down any number of twos, and Person C has to put down any number of threes, so on and so forth.

This keeps going until someone says “bluff”; that is, he accuses you of lying about the face value of your cards. If he’s wrong, he has to take a drink and keep the pile of cards as his own – every card that’s been played becomes part of his hand.

If he’s correct and the card you said you played doesn’t actually match the card that you put down, you have to take two drinks and keep the whole pile of cards as part of your hand.

Continue playing until someone successfully plays all their cards/someone passes out from all the drinking.

As always, remember never to succumb to peer pressure. If you don’t want to drink, don’t drink. And if you do drink, remember to do it responsibly. Have fun, kids and check out Boozez for more cool drinking games with cards!

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