Best Rooftop Bars in Singapore 2018

Best Rooftop Bars in Singapore 2018

Singapore Night view

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Get ready to be (metaphorically) blown away when you look upon a vast tapestry of soaring skyscrapers and tourist attractions from the vantage point of Singapore’s many excellent rooftop bars

We don’t go to swanky rooftop bars every weekend; if you wanted to get wasted with a couple of your friends, any one old neighbourhood bar would suffice. No, rooftop bars are special places that tend to be visited on special occasions. Where else can you can feel the breeze on your face and behold the splendorous view of the Singaporean cityscape while drinking a Singapore Sling? Rooftop bars have garnered renown for spectacular views and classy drinks, so it’s little surprise that these sky-high establishments have become so popular in Singapore.

Here at Boozez have compiled a list of the 5 Best Rooftop Bars in Singapore 2018 so you know where to take your mates, colleagues and significant others if you’re looking to pair a delicious cocktail with a gorgeous panorama.

SuperTree by IndoChine

Super Tree Rooftop bar in Singapore

First on the list of the best rooftop bars in Singapore, SuperTree by Indochine. When you’re gazing beyond the edge from the SuperTree Grove at the internationally renowned Gardens by the Bay, it’s hard to forget that there’s no view quite like the one you see before you. Jaunts to this spectacular rooftop top bar are reserved saved for nights with someone special, and for good reason; have you seen that stunning skyline? SuperTree is a place where romantic entanglements grow deeper, business is prepositioned, and marriages proposed. A dazzling addition to the popular Indochine restaurant franchise, SuperTree earns its spot as one of the best rooftop bars in Singapore with its sumptuous Euro-Asian menu, internationally imported drinks and one of the best view of Singapore’s terrific tourist districts available

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Ce La Vi

Ce La Vi Singapore

Atop the jewel of Singapore’s tourist attractions sits the acclaimed Ce La Vi (previously known as Ku De Ta), a rooftop bar perched at the very top of the marvellous Marina Bay Sands. This posh bar has been on just about every “best rooftop bar” list, and it isn’t hard to see why. Towering above the Singaporean skyline, Ce La Vi has both enthralled tourists and locals with its truly breath-taking view of the island. See more of our nation than you ever could from a vantage point fully stocked with snazzy cocktails and fancy company.

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1 Altitude

No one does sky-high partying quite like the folks behind 1-Altitude, who truly take the experience of outdoor wining and dining to another level… 63 levels to be exact, which is the floor at which the “World’s Highest Alfresco Bar” is perched. Widely regarded by partyogers and diners as of the best rooftop bars in Singapore, 1-Altitude rests atop the peak of the ritzy One Raffles Place.

Bar Canary

Bar Canary Singapore

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Located on the fourth level of Grand Park Orchard. Bar Canary is a rooftop bar next to the pool – laid-back and cozy, this is the perfect place to hang out and chill on any night. Be sure to check out the reasonably priced tropical cocktails at this bar in the heart of Somerset. Bar Canary also specializes in boozy popsicles which are amazing for cooling you down in the Singaporean heat. Enjoy the atmosphere and gaze at the stars while barefoot on the lush turfs!

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Credits: Lavo

If you’ve ever wanted to have an exquisite pasta with a dangerously delicious glass of Pinot Noir, the luxuriant Lavo sounds like the place for you. Perched 57 stories above the pavement at Marina Bay Sands, this Italian boutique earns its place as one of Singapore’s best rooftop bars by virtue of the jaw-dropping view from its outdoor terrace and its authentic European gastronomical offerings.

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