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Best Places for Singapore Slings 2018

Credits: Luxe

Singapore’s classic iconic cocktail, its origins are said to have been at Raffles Hotel’s Long Bar in 1915 where bartender Ngiam Tong Boon created it as a disguised drink for ladies to be able to have a cocktail. Its pinkish hues made it possible for the Singapore Sling to be mistaken as an iced fruit tea so that women were able to drink without having to worry about their image when disregarding social norms about women drinking alcohol.


Long Bar

Long bar

Credits: Raffles Hotel

The place where it all started; the birthplace of the Singapore Sling – Long Bar. Long Bar claims to use the OG recipe from a century ago to create their Singapore Sling, so do look forward to tasting the Mother of all Singapore Slings at Raffles Hotel. The most popular cocktail at Long Bar, this will be the most authentic version of the Singapore Sling.

Due to restoration works at Raffles Hotel, Long Bar now operates as a pop-up in order to still serve the authentic Singapore Sling experience in the midst of the restoration.


Nutmeg & Clove

Nutmeg and Clove

Situated in what used to be a Cantonese clan association, Nutmeg & Clove serves up plenty of Singaporean inspired cocktails, paying an ode to this little red dot. The Singapore Sling at Nutmeg & Clove takes on a darker reddish hue due to it going through the process of ageing in an oak barrel for a month. This ageing also results in the cocktail having more bitter notes as compared to its sweeter predecessor. The cocktail includes a hibiscus-infused gin, a fun twist from the original and is served to customers in a porcelain cup nestled in a rattan toy trishaw.

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Manhattan Bar


Not the Singapore Sling but the Singapore Nacional – a combination of the Hotel Nacional Special and the Singapore Sling into one exciting cocktail. These two cocktails are married into one, thanks to an in-house syrup featuring cardamom, cinnamon and cloves, the holy trinity of spices at Manhattan.

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Bitters & Love

bitters and love

Known for their craft and bespoke cocktails, Bitters & Love have their own version of the Singapore Sling, otherwise known as the Singapura Love. The drink is tweaked here by using a geranium gin and a generous amount of Angostura bitters which boosts the fruity flavour of the drink. Served in a cute tin cup that looks like it came from your grandmother’s house, the Singapura Love is one sling to drink.

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Adrift by David Myers

Adrift by David myers

Credits: Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Try out Adrift’s spin on the Singapore Sling. Fresh pineapple and lemon juices mixed with Benedictine DOM, Cointreau, Beefeater Gin and Maraschino liqueur. Head bartender Sam Ross definitely mixes up a wicked Singaporean Sling here at Adrift.

The Singapore Sling is a throwback to the colonial past, so grab one and continue making history.

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